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IT support services for business

At ramsac, we strive to deliver dependable IT management and dedicated technical support to businesses across a wide range of industries. 

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Today, IT solutions are much more powerful and stable than ever before, enabling businesses to achieve far greater feats with significantly less hardware. We understand that for many organisations, the availability of more sophisticated IT solutions will significantly improve efficiency and productivity. However, as the power of IT increases and the available hardware, software and networks become more complex, many IT strategies will require greater levels of support.

Our team of dedicated professionals have the experience and knowledge to keep your critical infrastructure operating at its optimum levels. That is why more and more businesses are choosing ramsac to support, maintain and develop their use of IT.


What we offer 

For almost 25 years, ramsac has been helping businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries to get the very best out of their IT architecture. This vast industry experience has helped us to understand that every organisation is unique and therefore requires an individual solution. With our IT support and management provision your business can pick and choose from our range of services, to ensure that you only receive the support you need, when you need it. This includes:

  • 24-hour remote support
  • Network management
  • IT consultancy
  • Strategic planning
  • Project design, planning and management
  • IT audits and system health checks
  • Business continuity services

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At ramsac, we believe that great customer service is integral to your businesses success, so once a network has been installed, we will ensure continuity by offering a full network management service. This will include site visits from a dedicated network consultant at pre-determined intervals, as well as a full remote IT support help desk available 24-hours-a-day.

We can also offer your own dedicated IT director and strategic IT planning services to consult, advise and help your business make the right value judgments at times of change or growth – such as moving office, merger or acquisition. This strategic service begins with an initial IT audit to provide a benchmark upon which future judgments can be based. If a major change of IT infrastructure is recommended, ramsac will then act as project manager to cover all aspects of the new network installation.


“We were impressed with ramsac's professionalism throughout each phase of the project. They really took the time to understand our business requirements and worked closely with us to make the right choices, in order to deliver the technology infrastructure we required.”

David Rogers
IT Manager, LAMP Group LTD

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