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Office 365

ramsac can help you with hosting your most commonly used Microsoft applications in the cloud to improve security, flexibility and enhance user experience.

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Office 365 is Microsoft’s most flexible way of licensing your desktop software, and also offers significant enhancements in the tools that enable you to run your organisation.

Instead of buying licenses or boxed products, you simply pay a cost per user, per month, for the products that you need. You can easily scale your user numbers up or down each month allowing you to take full control of your budget.

Emails are hosted in Microsoft’s secure datacentres, and with the option to store your files in the cloud, you can significantly reduce your IT hardware spend, whilst opening up a whole new opportunity for resilient, flexible and mobile working.

Microsoft Office 365 features

Office 365 features

  • Exchange online - by integrating with Microsoft Outlook you can now access email, shared calendars, contacts and tasks without the need for an on-premises exchange server, and from practically anywhere in the world. Setting up your Exchange account on multiple devices is quick and easy and all devices will synchronise with one another.

  • Full Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) -  the latest version of all applications available both via the web and also as installed apps on your PC, Laptop or mobile device.

  • Skype for business -  instant messaging, screen sharing and the ability to run webinars for up to 200 users.
  • OneDrive for business -  a corporate solution for cloud based file storage. A more secure alternative to DropBox and similar cloud sharing platforms

  • OneNote -  a great way of making, sharing and keeping notes and meeting records.

  • SharePoint - a collaboration tool that allows you to create interactive intranets and shared work spaces.


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Benefits of Office 365

  • Simple pricing model, pay only for what you use, on a cost per user, per month basis.
  • High availability - a financially backed-up, time guarantee, government approved security & privacy standards result in a reliable service that isn't dependent on your own in-house infrastructure availability.
  • Reduce the cost of in house hardware and associated power and back up costs.
  • License the user, not the device, so you can run all these services on multiple devices including laptops, smart phones, tablets, as well as Microsoft, Apple and Android operating systems.
  • Work better together with file sharing - collaborate with teammates, partners, and customers with documents that are always up to date and accessible from almost anywhere.
  • Safety and security - security is a priority, you can use the same systems used by Microsoft to scan your messages and documents for spam and malware 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring that your data is as safe as possible.
  • Ease of use - designed with functionality in mind, the easy-to-learn features enable your organisation to perform administrative tasks efficiently in order to enhance user experience.  
Lawrence Wilkinson Relationship Manager

“Office 365 provides organisations with the latest Microsoft products on a cost per user basis, it is secure and users always have access to the latest version, this makes it an ideal solution for most organisations and we have helped many of our customers with the move to Office 365, from strategy and planning, through implementation and finally ongoing support of the solution.”

Lawrence Wilkinson 
Relationship Manager

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