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Telecoms – unified communication

We can help you achieve intelligent telephony via the channel of unified communications. Our friendly team at ramsac can help facilitate the transition from outdated telecoms to up-to-date business solutions.

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Unified communication encompasses a broad range of technology and applications to provide you with the very latest in intelligent business telephony. Traditional telephone systems have become largely outdated as the needs of many organisations require greater telecommunication collaboration.

Unified communication links resources together, enabling one cohesive platform solution for your business needs. This integration represents a significant opportunity to increase efficiency and agility in the workplace, and our dedicated and friendly team at ramsac are on hand to help facilitate this implementation.

Linked resources

Linked resources

Using a unified communication platform your organisation is able to link together existing communication resources such as:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Voice mail
  • Fax
  • Customer databases
  • Outlook calendars


  • Intelligent call handling – elect when and where your phone rings or forward your calls to co-workers via the Outlook calendar if you are unavailable, so you’ll never have to miss an important call again.
  • Single telephone number for each member of staff – because you can decide where calls are directed you no longer have to worry about separate desk, home and mobile numbers. Each user has one number so clients no longer have to guess how best to contact you.
  • Delivery of voicemail direct to your email – in the instance that you do miss a call, voice mails are directed straight to your inbox for you to pick up immediately, if the message requires quick response you can simply forward it from your phone handset.
  • Presence technology – by linking your Outlook calendar to your telephone status, you can see if your colleagues are available before you pick up the handset.
  • Direct dialing from your customer database – you can now make calls by clicking on the telephone number displayed in your customer database or from a webpage, saving time and reducing the likelihood of misdials.
  • Caller ID from your existing customer database – see which client is phoning before you answer the phone, and if required you can automatically open a client file before you pick up their call.
  • Simple home worker solutions – access your phone system from any internet connected device, this makes it easy to work from home, on-the-go or from a remote site.
Stephen Smith Head of Unified Communications

“Telecoms have really moved forward in recent years, especially with the advent of unified communications. We are able to advise our customers on the use of both traditional and cloud-based telecoms depending on their requirements and implement a solution which is both cost effective and flexible.”

Stephen Smith
Head of Unified Communications

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