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An important update on how Covid-19 is affecting your service

Monday 23rd March

Just a quick update this morning to let you know that we have now completely closed the ramsac offices, but it’s very much business as usual with all our team working from their respective homes.

We covered additional shifts over the weekend to help get through some of the backlog but we are still facing an unprecedented demand on our service, and we expect that to continue this week as even more of our clients shift to home working. We continue to prioritise home working requests but as per our advice last week, we would ask that if you have an urgent request, you call in on the usual support number (01483 412 042) so that your request can be escalated. Please note we can’t escalate a request for one users home working set up unless there are very specific reasons to do so, as we are currently dealing with these in the order that they have come in, but if you have some staff who need to take priority over others, it’s useful for us to know that.

Our purchasing team are still working too, so if you need new orders for your home workers, let us know. Like everyone, we are dealing with reduced stock availability but we’ll keep you informed!

With advances in technology over recent years we are now able to complete most of our planned project work remotely. In fact, in many respects now is a good time to be carrying out planned projects where no onsite time is required, as when things return to normal we anticipate being very booked up with finalising out the work that does have to be done on site. So your Relationship Manager is available to chat to you about using this time to progress important projects remotely rather than on site. You should have a direct line for your Relationship Manager, but if you need to check their contact details, do please let me know.

Whilst our tech is all set up for home working, it’s certainly true that our support colleagues in particular, really benefit from sitting together with their teams and helping each other on calls when they can hear what their colleagues are working on. Of course, that’s going to be compromised, for the time being, so please do bare with them – they are doing their very best to provide a great service to everyone in some very testing circumstances.

We were blown away by the emails of praise we received for the team last week, at one point last week we were logging over 100 support cases per hour which is a rate unprecedented in ramsac history. In a moment of positivity, we shared all your lovely feedback with our team at 5 pm on Friday and it put a smile on a lot of faces! Please do keep your feedback coming, it’s making life a little more positive!

Friday 20th March

Because we know that as your IT provider, we have a huge responsibility as one of your key partners at this time, we want to keep updating you with our main activities during our Covid19 operations. Don’t worry – this isn’t another email telling you about our new handwash regime! Hopefully, this is a useful update that will help you with your own planning.

Firstly, we want to thank you for the kind words of praise and your understanding this week. We are fully aware that we aren’t responding to you as quickly as we would like to. At our peak yesterday we were logging in excess of 100 support calls an hour! We know that means that at times you’ve not got through the first time and that you’ve had to wait a while, but I am sure you’ll understand that these are unprecedented times.

This week we have decided to focus on remote working requests. We have made the decision to park some older cases to focus on getting your home workers up and running. We ask that if you have an urgent request, that you pick up the phone (01483 412 042) to let us know that your issue is mission critical, because there is a chance you’re not automatically at the top of the queue.

We’re extending our teams working hours and we will have colleagues working over the weekend to get through the backlog of requests. At the moment, half our team are working remotely and half in the office and this is our plan for the next few days. So far, no one is off sick.

Onsite work and projects
We have largely continued to deliver services as scheduled. If you have an open project with us, we will continue to meet the project plan where possible. We are still carrying out site visits where these are the only option, but, have switched a lot of onsite time to happen remotely instead. We’ll continue to liaise with you to make appropriate plans and we would appreciate it if you would let us know if your offices are not going to be open.

Ironically, we are actually starting to see some advantages in delivering project work at a time where fewer users are in the office to be affected by our work, so our plan over the coming weeks is very much, business as usual. If you haven’t already heard from us, we will be in touch to discuss your onsite work and we’ll also be looking at our long term priorities to work out what project work can be moved forward to be delivered remotely whilst your office is closed, as we also anticipate a sudden rush when we all get back to normal.

Relationship meetings
Our team of relationship managers are all working remotely and they will be meeting you via Teams web calls rather than in person. They have been really busy this week consulting with many of you about extending your remote working capability.  We appreciate that this week you’ve been busy making contingency plans, but over the coming weeks we actually believe we can see more of our clients more frequently via the medium of webcam! If you want to book in a call with your Relationship Manager, please do get in touch.

Supply of orders
Our Operations team continue to do their best to fulfil all orders. However we are continuing to see some stock delays and we are also finding that with the falling value of the £ against the $, some software pricing is changing daily, so if you have an open quote with us, we may need to requote when you come to place an order, so please don’t leave decisions until the last minute.

Looking after our suppliers
We are all in this together! We all want to have stronger organisations when we come out of this in a few week’s time (remember – the current crisis will not be forever!) so we are committed to maintaining our existing agreements unchanged, and paying our supplier invoices on time, to ensure that we don’t compromise the future operations of the suppliers that we depend on.

Help with remote work
We are producing some additional training resources that you may find useful. Today we hosted a well-attended webinar on business continuity and we hope to share a recording of that with your shortly. In the meantime, if you’re using Teams for the first time, you may find these links helpful:

A short (5 min) vlog about using Teams to schedule web chats and video calls with colleagues and those outside of your organisation

A longer (20 min) vlog about the wider use cases of Microsoft Teams.

Talking of Teams, we’re using it for daily meetings with our newly remote based team. We highly recommend it! Tomorrow one of our teams is hosting a morning virtual tea round – gathering people together with their favourite mug and biscuit to check in on how we are all doing. Give it a go – we all need to carry on smiling through these challenging weeks!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wednesday 18th March

We’ve sent you a few updates in the last couple of weeks, to keep you informed about how Covid-19 is impacting on our plans. We recognise that now more than ever, you need your IT supplier to be on the ball as you make your own contingency plans. We are currently having daily leadership briefings and of course, we are keeping an eye on the latest advice as it appears, but for now, this is our current position:

Office opening
We are continuing to open our Godalming office but on a reduced staff level with many of our colleagues working from home. We are not inviting any visitors into the office – if you had a planned meeting with us in the coming couple of weeks, your ramsac host will be setting this up as a video meeting using Microsoft Teams. All of our staff are set up to work remotely, and our phone system is designed to route calls to colleagues at home, so as far as possible, we intend to provide a full service to you.

ramsac support
As we advised yesterday, we are experiencing an unprecedented number of support requests at the moment, as we work to assist clients with their own remote working challenges. We know that will not always be hitting planned response time targets in the next few days and we hope that you’ll understand why. You can help us with this. If you have genuinely urgent support requests, we would ask that you phone in, rather than logging your request via the portal or email. Please make it clear to our support consultant that your issue is business critical, so we can ensure we prioritise that ticket for you.

If you have non-urgent issues, please log these via email and state your deadline for the ticket resolution. We really appreciate you giving us a bit of extra time or notice, it will greatly help with our planning of work. Please also remember that your support contract covers the fixing of issue, not the completion of new installs! If you need dedicated engineering time to set up remote working for the first time, you should chat with your Relationship Manager about this so we can quote for and book in work accordingly.

If you have open requests for new user setups that are no longer required, please let us know. We will be providing more support services via remote workers. That will have an impact as whilst technically, all our tools are available remotely, there is a lot of ‘group think’ and mutual support within our support team that can’t be replicated when colleagues are all remote. Again, I hope we can rely on your understanding here.

Planned onsite work, field support days and projects
At the moment, we are continuing to deliver planned consultancy work and projects. If it’s feasible to deliver this work remotely as efficiently as if we were onsite, we will contact you directly to discuss doing so. If you know your offices are going to be closed, please let us know as soon as you’re able to do so, by emailing

We will be reviewing all project schedules to ensure that we can deliver as much work as possible remotely. We recognise that when things return to normal, we are going to be incredibly busy with a backlog of work, so we want to carry on and deliver as much as possible whilst we still can. Of course, we are depending on you to notify us if you have identified any risks for our team visiting your offices, and we would expect that you have taken appropriate measures to provide additional surface cleaning, hand wash facilities etc.

If you have regular ‘onsite support’ with one of our field based support consultants, we would like to continue with that time as scheduled, but do so remotely. We suggest you encourage users to log requests via the Support Team, and on your scheduled onsite support day, we will allocate your Field Support Consultant to work through as many of your outstanding support tickets as possible on a dedicated basis but remotely.

Continuity Planning

We were to be hosting a lunch and learn on business continuity planning on Thursday (19th March). We have now moved that to be a live webinar more specifically focused on pandemic business continuity planning. This event is free to attend, you can register here

Supply of equipment

We are doing all that we can to meet your requests for hardware orders. There continues to be a worldwide shortage of some equipment, caused both by the delay in shipments from China, as well as a surge in demand for laptops for remote working. Please consider early notification of any planned needs to allow us plenty of time to source stock for you.

Assistance with remote working

Clearly IT is going to be key in helping to keep your business active in the next few weeks. If you have specific questions, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager or email


We shall continue to keep you informed of our plans as the situation unfolds. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The HR Services Partnership
The HR Services Partnership
17:59 16 Jan 20
We have worked with Ramsac since 2015. They offer a truly winning formula. We have been delighted by their support at all three levels: our network consultant (Colin) understands our set up and is great when we need to upgrade our infrastructure; we have ready access to our account manager who has been great with supporting our growth; and the helpdesk is always so patient for the day-to-day glitches. Very professional and supportive – thank you team ramsac!
Zoe Brooks
Zoe Brooks
13:02 16 Jan 20
Sam on the support desk is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Every time I have rung with an issue and she has helped the problem has always been rectified smoothly and quickly!
Sarah-Jane Calloway
Sarah-Jane Calloway
16:02 06 Jan 20
Ed spent two days with us following an office reshuffle. He worked to a very high standard and was very helpful, courteous and happy to sort out anything we asked of him!
Luke Hoey
Luke Hoey
14:20 07 Nov 19
Always very helpful and will work hard to resolve any issues you have.
Richard Renson
Richard Renson
16:54 10 Dec 18
Great, helpful IT Kings and Queens
Andrew Worth
Andrew Worth
12:37 30 Aug 18
fine bunch
Colin Warner
Colin Warner
08:46 06 Dec 17
Excellent managed service provider.
Selom B
Selom B
11:58 10 Dec 16
First Class!! Responsive, knowledgeable, professional and very easy to work with - Ramsac have been a fantastic strategic IT partner for the last few years and I'm sure will continue to be for many years going forward. I would highly recommend them!
Ian Windle - Inspiring Leadership
Ian Windle - Inspiring Leadership
08:53 04 Jul 16
Great IT business, with a powerful management team. Could not recommend them more highly.
Patrick O'Luanaigh
Patrick O'Luanaigh
10:55 01 Jul 16
A truly fantastic IT support company - I can't speak highly enough about them.
Sarah Whitemore
Sarah Whitemore
11:59 20 Jun 16
I have known Dan May and Ramsac for 5 or 6 years now. Dan is such a great guy and really helpful with strategic advice and input on all things IT. He's so approachable and doesn't baffle you with IT jargon. If you are looking to outsource your IT or you have a problem you need help with Dan is definitely the one to ask.
Jonathan Richards
Jonathan Richards
12:14 31 May 16
I've worked with Ramsac for many years and whole heartedly recommend their services. They are always professional, approachable and have the rare skill of making IT understandable. Their can do attitude leaves you feeling that you are in safe hands.
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