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Social distancing in offices – IT considerations


A practical look at the IT considerations that need to be thought about over the coming weeks when planning the reopening of your office. [...]

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Coronavirus Diary – Returning to our office


Following our return to office working this week, Dan May, Commercial Director at ramsac gives his thoughts on re-opening our office, and the future of office life. [...]

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Is Hot Desking Safe?


Hot desking has been a positive solution for many offices to help to maximise workspaces and promote agile working but what happens now? With hygiene being of primary concern [...]

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The socially distanced office


A short video looking at the changes organisations may need to implement to support social distancing when reopening their offices, following the coronavirus pandemic. [...]

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Technology advice for remote working


ramsac's Technical director summarises the advice we are giving our customers on how to ensure their employees are working securely and effectively at home.   [...]

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Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: video conferencing comparison

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Both Teams and Zoom are designed to improve communication and can be used for video and audio conferencing both internally and with people outside your organisation.  In this blog, we have looked at some of the pros and cons of each [...]

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How to stay protected against COVID-19 scams


Hackers have been using people’s fears and sending phishing emails and messages centering on the Coronavirus.  In this blog, we explore the latest coronavirus cybersecurity scams. [...]

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Making your home office a productive, healthy place to work


Whether you are working from home due to isolation from coronavirus or just working from home, here are our top tips for being productive and successful when remote working. [...]

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Covid-19 (Coronavirus): Cybersecurity considerations for remote working


Cybersecurity expert Rob May explores the cybersecurity challenges that remote working brings, and provides advice on what organisations should be doing. [...]