Webinar: Introducing ramsac’s new cyber monitoring service

Webinar: Introducing ramsac’s new cyber monitoring service

“secure+ is the biggest change we’ve introduced to our service portfolio since we launched our totalIT managed IT service. This state of the art service is the result of two years’ work and will put us in the position to help our clients be the most cyber secure organisations out there. I am really excited to be unveiling it to our clients on the 23rd February.”

Rob May, MD

secure+ is a proactive cybersecurity monitoring service designed to hunt for signs of malicious activity or potential cyber breach.

ramsac’s specialist security administrators will be able to monitor your IT systems and data, 24/7, and act on detected threats, taking the necessary actions to safeguard your assets.

secure+ takes our IT services to the next level – we will no longer have to wait for a problem to be apparent, we will be keeping a watchful eye on thousands of data points over each week, providing clients with a speedy response to prevent data leaks or system downtime.

Event details

Date: Thursday 23rd February

Time: 10am-11am

Location: Online

Join Rob May & Charlie Thompson for an overview of how this new service will work & understand how it can be deployed.