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Introducing ramsac’s phishing testing & awareness service

Barely a week goes by without us receiving a call to our helpdesk, to report that someone at one of our clients, has clicked on a link in an email that has proven to be malicious. ‘Phishing’ emails are getting increasingly sophisticated, and even the savviest users can fall victim to this form of cybercrime attack. It’s a major issue affecting every firm we work with, and it doesn’t appear to be abating.


Testing your employees with fake phishing emails


Not all cybercrime can be prevented with tech alone – your people are your ‘Human Firewall’ and you need to provide them with the skills and awareness to help keep your organisation safe. The ramsac phishing awareness subscription is a great way of increasing awareness. By testing which of your employees can spot a phishing email and which are fooled by them.


The testing & awareness subscription.


From just £75 a month, we will carry out random simulated phishing attacks, ensuring that every user receives a very realistic phishing email at least twice a year. The emails mimic phishing emails from well-known brands such as LinkedIn and Microsoft, and If the user clicks on a link they will be taken to a safe web page, that highlights what they have just clicked on and offers them an immediate online training session on how to spot attacks in the future.


Knowledge is power


Every 6 months the management team or a nominated person will receive a report, detailing who did and didn’t click on the link and who has completed the online training. This extra knowledge will help you improve your cybersecurity by identifying any weaknesses in your human firewall and where additional training may be needed.

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