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IT Tips – What is the Windows Key actually for?

Even in these (very) tech savvy times there are some things people still avoid on their computer. I took a quick (very scientific poll) in the office asking the people in non-technical job roles if they use the Microsoft Windows key on their computer. Of the 10 people I surveyed only 2 already used it and not everyone was even sure which key I was referring to.


When I first discovered I could scroll between open windows by pressing Alt+Tab I loved it and now I use it every day, in researching for this blog I have found out just how powerful the windows key is, and I am sure it is going to come in handy! Microsoft has a full list of shortcuts here. But I have put together a list of my favourites (the ones I can see myself using).


Top 10 shortcuts


    1. Windows Key – Opens the Start menu.
    2. Windows Key + L – Locks your PC.
    3. Windows Key + D – Shows your desktop (pressing the window key + D reverses this)
    4. Windows Key + Tab – Brings up applications you have worked on in date order
    5. Windows Key + E – Opens up an Explorer Window.
    6. Windows Key + M – Minimises all open Windows. (Windows Key + Shift + M – Returns minimised Windows to their previous state.)
    7. Windows Key + . (full stop) – Opens the emoji panel 😍
    8. Windows Key + up or down key– Maximises or minimises the window you are working (depending on if you press up or down).
    9. Windows Key + left or right key – Snaps the open window to either the left or right of the screen (useful if you want to look at two windows at once).
    10. Windows logo key + Shift + S – Allows you to select part of your screen to screenshot



These are the ones I now regularly use, hopefully you will find the windows key as useful as I now do! If you have any shortcuts you can’t live without let us know by tweeting us at @ramsac_ltd

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