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Lunch & Learn: The IT risks every business owner should understand

Join us for our next ‘lunch and learn’ session where we will explain the 10 key points all business owners should know in order to ensure that their IT estate is secure and resilient. We will provide you with a practical checklist of the 10 areas you can go back to your business and check, in order to provide you with reassurance that you’re in good IT health.

As a non technical business leader, it can be hard to know the state of your IT health. It’s you that is ultimately responsible for compliance, good practice and business resilience, and it is you that will ultimately pay a heavy price if this is done badly. However, too often you rely in good faith, that you are being given the right advice and as a responsible business leader this makes you vulnerable.

In our next ‘lunch and learn’ session we will give you the 10 simple questions that you need to ask in order to perform your own “IT health check” giving you the reassurance that the direction you are going in is the right one.

You will leave our jargon free session with a detailed guide on how to oversee IT health within your business. With the knowledge and confidence to perform a high level assessment of your IT, you can identify any potential problems before it’s too late and they cost you time and money.


When & Where?

Date: Wednesday 10th October
Time: 12 noon – 2pm.
Location: ramsac Ltd, Godalming, GU7 1XW

The event lasts 2 hours and includes a sandwich lunch. Places are free but are limited, so it is advisable to book as soon as possible.


Feedback from previous attendee

“I enjoyed the lunch and learn a great deal. I came with an open mind, and left with it suitably filled. Dan pitched the information just right, for me, and so enthusiastically. I like demonstrations, and I now feel able to use the product much more effectively. I like the feel and look of your company, and will certainly come to you with any needs we may have in the future.”

Please note: The content of this event will be aimed at people running businesses or organisations of at least 20 staff and it’s unlikely to be so relevant to sole traders or micro businesses. If a registration does not fit our delegate criteria we reserve the right to cancel the registration. We verify you via your use of your professional email address in your registration. Registrations made via personal, rather than professional, email addresses will not usually be accepted.

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