Acceptable usage policy

Applies to broadband services

For the Internet to operate in a manner that satisfies the majority of its users, all users need to observe some rules and etiquette governing their use of it. These requirements are usually contained or referred to in the relevant terms and conditions governing the particular internet service as well as general law. ramsac customers must ensure that they know what these requirements are and how they are affected by them.

In general if a customer’s usage is continually excessive, unfair, inappropriate, affects other users enjoyment of our broadband service, or is not consistent with the usage we would typically expect on the customer’s current package, we reserve the right to upgrade customers to a package more suited for their usage or, in extreme cases, suspend or terminate their ability to access ramsac broadband services.

Customers that will be affected by this policy are those using significantly higher levels of network capacity. This may be because they are abusing the terms of the service. This could be as a result of various practices for example, sending large volumes of spam email of an unsolicited nature and / or part of a bulk e-mail transmission; or perhaps using file sharing software such as peer-to-peer; or are excessive users of binary newsgroups (Usenet).

Such software is normally used for residential applications, and is used to send and receive large files (typically music and videos) and is normally left running throughout the day. This unreasonable use of the internet uses a massive amount of bandwidth and in many cases is illegal and in the later case it breaches copyright and intellectual property legislation.

Compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy is a contractual requirement. If you fail to do so, your service may be suspended or terminated. Our ISP’s may operate systems to ensure compliance with this AUP, including without limitation port scanning and testing of open servers and mail relays. Customers who engage in abusive, fraudulent, or illegal behaviour will be notified that their behaviour is unacceptable and may have their accounts suspended or terminated if such behaviour continues. If we find out that you are using our service for these purposes, we will notify the police.

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