Cybersecurity monitoring

Proactive cyber security monitoring to protect your company

A cybersecurity breach can happen at any time, any day of the week. Hackers don’t work 9-5, and neither should your monitoring. That’s why ramsac’s experienced and dedicated teams provide 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring to protect UK businesses like yours.

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    Cybersecurity monitoring

    secure + is a fully managed service, run by our dedicated in-house cybersecurity team. We detect a breach the moment it happens and take action to prevent damage from being done.

    In our experience, the most common breaches our clients see are because of human error and compromised accounts. Often for our clients, the first indication of a cyber breach is when it’s already too late; a customer might complain about phishing emails being sent from a client address, or a supplier complains that an invoice the client thought they had paid to the right account has never been received.

    Secure+ proactively identifies potential breaches around the clock and acts to reduce the threat.

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    24/7 cybersecurity response

    secure+ monitoring runs 24/7, ingesting event data, analysing and hunting for potential threats and generating alerts as required, If it detects something that could be malicious, it will log an alert for investigation, regardless of the time of day.

    Action is taken to stop the threat & prevent further impact. We then clear up the impact of the breach and mitigate future occurrences.

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    Tailored to your organisation

    A key feature of secure+ is that it’s completely tailored to your organisation, based on your priorities and sensitivities.

    During set up, we will discuss with you what is particularly important for your organisation and advise how we can better monitor for threats against these priorities.

    As a secure+ client, you will receive priority deployments of patches or fixes issued in light of critical service vulnerabilities, ensuring that your organisation is protected before threat actors can exploit them.

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    secure+ is a proactive cybersecurity monitoring service designed to hunt for signs of malicious activity or potential cyberbreach, ramsac then takes action to prevent damage from being done.

    What secure+ detects

    Secure+ runs 24/7 looking for potential signs of malicious activity or cyber breaches.

    Secure+ runs several hundred monitors every day looking for these suspicious events, but some of the key ones include:

    • Login activity 
    • Changes to user accounts or permissions 
    • Multi-Factor authentication activity  
    • Data management  
    • Passwords 
    • Integration with other systems 

    How secure+ benefits your organisation

    Monthly report – Each month you will get a comprehensive report of your secure+ service, where we call out significant events and recommendations to improve your security.

    Vulnerability scanning – We periodically run scans against your external facing infrastructure to look for vulnerabilities or gaps in your security.

    Priority patching – As a secure+ customer, you will get priority status for emergency or critical patches that get announced.

    Quarterly Audits – Every quarter we will run an audit of critical accounts, mailboxes and other services to check that privileges are as expected across your estate.

    Speak to us

    Whether you’re looking for fully managed IT support, a specific IT service, or simply aren’t sure what you need, we can help.

    Other cybersecurity services

    We offer a wide range of cybersecurity solutions to protect your organisation, year-round. 

    No need to hire a cybersecurity expert or a team of IT engineers. ramsac can do it all, for a fixed monthly fee.

    Here’s just some of the ways we can help

    Cybersecurity audits

    We’ll take a holistic view of your IT estate, and see where your weaknesses are, before presenting them in a report, along with guidance and support on fixing any errors

    Cyber Resilience Certification

    Our Cyber Resilience Certification is a mark that demonstrates your competence and awareness of cybersecurity. After auditing your company, we give you a mark

    Cybersecurity training

    The human firewall is the most important part of maintaining a cyber secure business. We’ll train you and your staff to be vigilant, know when to raise queries and what to do if the worst happens.

    Cybersecurity solutions

    We also have many other solutions that we can provide to help you with your cybersecurity. Just get in touch, and we can tailor our service to you.

    Why choose ramsac for your cybersecurity provider?

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    Our team are rigorously and regularly trained in all matter of cybersecurity issues, so you know that the people you work with are genuine experts in their field.

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    Service promise

    With responsive SLA’s and helpful cybersecurity staff, you can come to us with any concerns, at any time. We’re always here to help.

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    Cybersecurity can be filled with confusing terms. We won’t use jargon, instead explaining in a way that any of your team can understand.

    Cybersecurity monitoring

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    Satisfaction Survey

    All our clients are invited to provide a quick rating of satisfaction when we close a Support request for them. Find out what they had to say.

    What our clients say

    • Nuffield Foundation – Cyber Resilience Certification

      “We want to know that we’re doing everything we should be doing to keep our systems as secure as reasonably possible"

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    • Chambers Group

      "ramsac employees genuinely care about what they are doing and the people they help which is a breath of fresh air in the IT industry"

      View case study

    • English National Opera

      "Within less than a year of working together, we have a clear plan, we have overcome a number of significant issues and have delivered some real breakthroughs in productivity."

      View case study

    • WPC

      “The support service provided by ramsac has been excellent.  The team are easy to contact, and knowledgeable"

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    • The Old Vic

      "Having a support company there who conduct regular checks of the network, monitoring things like server capacity and everything else that needs to be looked at on a daily basis. I can't tell you how beneficial that is."

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    • Partners&

      “ramsac people are like us, collaborative, committed, creative and honest, at the engagement level, they act like us, work like us and are committed to our, not their, success. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ramsac to other organisations.”

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    How can we help you?

    No matter whether you’re just starting out with cybersecurity and want some guidance or want to ensure your company is protected all day, every day, get in touch.

    We’re here to help.