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Which to use: Microsoft Planner or Microsoft Project? 

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project are dynamic software tools offering enhanced features that support effective project management. But when it comes to Microsoft Planner vs Project what is the [...]

Changes to Microsoft 365 Licensing for Nonprofit Organisations

Microsoft 365

Microsoft has recently made adjustments to its licensing options for nonprofit clients, in this blog we break down the key points and implications to the licensing changes [...]

What do we know about the Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill?


The Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill is a significant legislative proposal currently undergoing scrutiny in the House of Lords [...]

Overcoming Doubt: How to Adopt AI Technologies in the Workplace


This blog explores the transformative potential of AI while addressing skepticism, ethical concerns, and practical challenges for organisations in its adoption. [...]

Introducing ramsac’s Environment, Social & Governance Policy


We have published our Environmental, Social & Governance Policy, as a public declaration of our commitment to being a responsible business. [...]

secure password policy in Microsoft 365

How to set up a secure password policy in Microsoft 365


Discover the essentials of a robust password policy for cybersecurity in Microsoft 365. Learn what to include and what to avoid. Read the blog today. [...]

How to apply Labels hero image

A guide to sensitivity labels and how to apply them


Sensitivity labels allow you to manage, organise, and protect sensitive emails, files, and documents as part of the Microsoft 365 suite. Read on. [...]

MFA vs 2FA What's the Difference

MFA vs 2FA: What’s the Difference?


Features like user facial recognition that are difficult to replicate means multi-factor authentication offers more cybersecurity layers than two-factor authentication. Find out more. [...]

Preparing for AI in a mid-sized firm


In today's digital economy, businesses must embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) to stay competitive. However, integrating AI into business processes requires careful planning and consideration of potential risks. This blog [...]