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Understanding Microsoft 365 Business Premium: A smart choice for your organisation

Microsoft 365

Explore how Microsoft 365 Business Premium can elevate your organisation's productivity and security in this comprehensive blog. [...]

Embrace the future: The opportunities and challenges of AI in your organisation


AI training is vital to use AI responsibly and securely in this blog we explain how you can claim government funding to help finance your AI training [...]

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What is data theft and how do you prevent it?


In any size organisation, data theft can be a huge issue. From disgruntled employees to large scale cyberattacks, data theft can severely impact your business. According to a report [...]

6 steps to designing an Identity Access Management strategy


An IAM strategy is a powerful mechanism for controlling and monitoring access to your company’s IT network and assets, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats. [...]

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Getting your IT project approved: The benefits of monthly payments 


Monthly payment plans can make project approval easier and more financially sound, along with some tips for overcoming common internal objections. [...]

The true cost of a cyber breach


Understanding the true cost of a cyber breach is crucial, as it involves not only the immediate financial losses but also potential long-term impacts such as data loss, business [...]

VPNs vs ZTNA: A Comprehensive Guide to Network Security

ITTechnical Blog

Understanding the key differences between Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is crucial for ensuring robust network security in an increasingly remote and cloud-based world. [...]

Revolutionising team dynamics: the true power of Microsoft Copilot Studio

AITechnical Blog

Microsoft Copilot Studio revolutionises productivity by seamlessly integrating AI into business operations, allowing organisations to create custom AI assistants. These digital teammates handle tasks ranging from admin functions to [...]

What did Microsoft announce at Microsoft Build 2024?

Microsoft 365

From enhanced Copilot capabilities to 3D headsets, Microsoft Build 2024 saw the tech giant unveil its latest AI-powered innovations at its annual conference. Read our full round-up. [...]

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