IT support for financial services practices

Compliant and experienced IT solutions for UK-based financial services firms

Financial service providers need fast, reliable and highly secure IT. ramsac is proud to deliver experienced, highly efficient and independent IT support, as well as management for financial service businesses across the United Kingdom.

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    IT support for financial services

    Businesses in the UK’s financial services sector need reliable IT support in order to function efficiently and effectively. We understand the importance of your compliance requirements, protecting sensitive data and providing an IT platform where flexible working and continuity of business are vital. At ramsac, we have cybersecurity solutions that safeguard your data, 24/7.

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    How ramsac can help your financial services firm

    At ramsac, we are experienced in working with all aspects of finance, including hedge funds, wealth management, asset management, venture capital, trading operations and financial advisors. More importantly, we know how vital it is to keep all your information safe.

    Our experience across a variety of financial services means that we have the knowledge and know-how to implement solutions that meet your needs. As well as access to leading technology providers, we also have a range of solutions, including our secure+ service, that protect your firm’s clients and company reputation.

    • Advise on, and implement, compliant solutions for all areas of your IT estate
    • Mifid II compliant phone systems and 24/7 continuity solutions
    • Outstanding IT support, strategy and relationship management
    • Support to firms with international offices, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Full management of your IT estate, including a strategic IT road map
    • Future IT planning, including cyberattack prevention
    • Opportunity to add secure+, a proactive monitoring service that reacts and responds to cyber breaches
    • Recurrence strategy that supports your business’s response to cyber-attacks

    Cybersecurity solutions that protects your financial data

    In the first six months of 2020 alone, cyber-attacks on financial institutions increased by around 238%. With such a wealth of data and access to large sums of money, financial service institutions are susceptible to cyber-attacks. That’s why we developed secure+.

    At ramsac, we acknowledge how devastating a cyber-attack can be, especially for the financial services sector. Not only do you need to ensure your data is properly safeguarded, but you’re also responsible for keeping financial data of your clients safe. secure+ acts as a proactive monitoring service, scanning and checking for potential breaches before they happen. As a result, it allows us to alleviate the pressures that your firm feels, especially with the sensitive and high value it holds.

    Through consultation, we’ll find out exactly what your business needs and any weak points we need to address. We’ll also support you with a recurrence strategy that investigates ways to keep your business safe.

    Managed IT support

    Whether you need fully managed IT support, round-the-clock assistance or scalable IT solutions that adapt as you require, we’re able to provide the right solution for you.

    Projects & consultancy

    Project management and consulting for large IT operational changes.


    Don’t leave your finances at risk. Protect your business, your data and your clients now. 

    Office 365

    Cloud-based software for hybrid and flexible working.

    Cloud technology

    Remote storage & IT operations for preparedness in the event of a cyberattack or downtime.

    Backup & disaster recovery

    Minimise downtime for your business and clients.

    Cyber Resilience Certification

    Prove to your stakeholders you’re ready. Achieve the highest level of cybersecurity protection with ramsac. 

    Benefits of our IT services for finance professionals

    We work with industry-recognised IT cloud, hardware and software providers to provide our customers with the best possible support. This enables us to provide independent advice and cater your IT requirements directly to your business’ needs.

    Our complete IT management provision, totalIT, allows your organisation to receive the guidance and support it needs to excel. Additionally, if you choose our secure+ service, you’ll also enjoy full cybersecurity monitoring 24/7.

    • Enhance and streamlines remote and hybrid work
    • Fills skills gaps in your firm
    • Ensures your IT is secure and reliable
    • Full management of your IT estate
    • Supports employees at all levels
    • Proactive cybersecurity monitoring with secure+, if selected
    • Preventative action against future cyber-attacks
    IT support for financial services practices

    Case study: WPC

    Weight Partners Capital (WPC) is a specialist private equity investor, investing in sectors where the team has operational experience. Dealing with huge investments and large sums of money requires a watertight IT solution.

    Through completely outsourcing their IT function with ramsac, WPC were able to receive fully managed IT from supporting end users to cybersecurity maintenance, supported by our expertise in the financial services industry.

    “The support service provided by ramsac has been excellent. The team are easy to contact, and knowledgeable. We have had some more challenging issues to fix, but these are escalated and dealt with swiftly, and communication is excellent throughout the period it takes to resolve the issue. It has significantly improved the process of dealing with any issues across our IT system.”

    Rachel Kenny
    Financial Manager at Weight Partners
    ramsac team

    Stay compliant with ramsac

    Ensuring compliance is a vital step we take for every industry we work with, but as financial service IT support specialists, we know just how critical this is in the financial services industry. As a GDPR-compliant IT support company holding the highest industry standards, you can rest assured that our solutions will be compliant with any regulations you may face.

    Why choose ramsac for your financial services business IT support?

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    We’re flexible to your needs, however your business may work, we can help

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    We don’t use jargon. Just simple, clear language that is easy to digest.

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    We provide consistently excellent IT services to all different types of businesses.

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    Knowledgeable IT professionals your financial services organisation can trust

    At ramsac, we know that the availability and security of crucial services for your clients and stakeholders is vital. We also realise it’s essential that your business always remains fully functional and operational. That’s why we believe that reliable, independent and specialist counsel is essential.

    We can help by carrying out thorough security risk assessments and implementing end-user training and internal policies, providing your data with an extra layer of security. No matter the size of your organisation, we’re here to help.

    We truly understand the individual needs of a financial service provider, from compliance to increased cybersecurity measures, especially in today’s landscape. That’s why cybersecurity monitoring for financial services can prove invaluable.

    With ISO and UKAS compliance certification, you can trust ramsac to deliver secure IT support and fully compliant services for your business.

    What our clients say

    • Emerging Futures

      "totalIT has reduced our level of risk significantly and completely removed the burden of endless worry about managing our IT infrastructure."

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    • Sir John Soane’s Museum

      "Every encounter with any personnel from ramsac has always been a valuable, collaborative, engaging and a learning experience."

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    • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

      “They are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly…we have had very positive experiences working with ramsac.”

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    • Nuffield Foundation – Cyber Resilience Certification

      “We want to know that we’re doing everything we should be doing to keep our systems as secure as reasonably possible"

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    • Chambers Group

      "ramsac employees genuinely care about what they are doing and the people they help which is a breath of fresh air in the IT industry"

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    • English National Opera

      "Within less than a year of working together, we have a clear plan, we have overcome a number of significant issues and have delivered some real breakthroughs in productivity."

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