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Award-winning UK IT support that’s there when you need it

ramsac’s experienced and dedicated teams provide pro-active, no-nonsense, friendly managed IT support services for your UK business.

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    Outsourced IT support

    It’s time to work with a committed IT company that takes the hassle out of IT support.

    Our 24-hour, jargon-free and caring outsourced IT support is delivered by ramsac’s efficient, indispensable IT support team based in the UK.

    All managed through your dedicated account manager, we work to business-friendly service levels and provide end users with the option to contact us via phone, email, instant chat or via a web portal. With more and more businesses moving towards an outsourced model for their IT function, why not discover why?

    ramsac team

    Dedicated IT services, whether fully managed or individual IT services

    We offer the choice of a fully managed IT service, as well as the ability to plug any specific in-house skills and gaps within your organisation.

    This allows you to access the precise service or area of expertise you need, exactly when you need it, without having to recruit a sixty-strong team of engineers.

    Our outsourced IT support services give you the support you need to streamline processes, reduce downtime, ensure optimal security, maintain compliance and free up time for you to get on with the important things.

    We are trusted by

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    Our managed outsourced IT support services

    Introducing totalIT — our complete, fully-managed IT service

    totalIT is ramsac’s strategic, proactive, people-driven service that allows you to completely outsource your IT function for a fixed monthly fee (there are no hidden charges – you can call as often as you like).

    Our flexible, scalable totalIT package is much more than an IT support contract. It’s a promise to simplify your IT management with a strategic, passionate, and service-driven approach.

    totalIT is a complete IT department. Our fully managed IT service takes care of everything, from supporting end users 24/7 with any IT question, to around the clock system monitoring, remote IT administration, server management, system updates, security maintenance, and management of licences, renewals and subscriptions.

    From expert engineers to committed account managers, we include named individuals so that you can build up a strong and trusted relationship with people who really understand your organisation, and access to a secure portal to review and report on work we’re completing.

    secure + logo

    secure+: 24/7 company protection

    Don’t be part of the 32% of businesses that don’t realise they’ve had a breach. secure+ from ramsac is the watchful eye over your IT estate. Never miss a cyber breach again.

    secure+ makes cybersecurity monitoring affordable and effective for SMEs. For totalIT customers, you can bolt on secure+ to your existing package and get access to our cybersecurity monitoring experts. Unlike other full service agencies, we identify breaches at the point they happen, not in the weeks after a breach occurs.

    How it works

    Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, we spot breaches and risks as they occur, enabling us to proactively put steps in place to minimise the impact. We can take immediate action to respond to potential cyber threats, locking down access and kicking out cyber criminals, providing protection 24 hours a day

    What does secure+ mean for you?

    Secure+ provides you with the highest level of protection from cyber crime. Unlike regular IT providers who respond to cyber incidents after they’ve happened, secure+ clients are given 24 hour protection and advanced monitoring, allowing us to detect and respond to potential threats, before data is put at risk.

    Secure+ protects you from external threats, but also keeps an eye on the actions of internal users that might also put you at risk.

    The service is fully tailored to meet the specific concerns of your organisation. It also includes monthly scans, vulnerability assessments, priority patching and intelligence reports, to keep you one step ahead of the risks.

    Secure+ is available as an additional service for our totalIT clients, or can be used on its own to supplement your own in house IT team.

    Benefits of fully outsourcing your IT

    • Access a large team of specialist IT experts covering all areas of technology
    • Work with dedicated account managers to ensure your IT function operates at its fullest, 24/7
    • Free up your time to focus on developing your organisation, letting us manage the IT headache
    • Experience quick response times, helping you to get back to what really matters
    • Keep up to date with the latest thinking, cybersecurity and compliance
    • Avoid the management of in-house IT resources and associated costs, saving you time and money
    • Provide a seamless IT experience for your employees, improving efficiencies
    • Discover our breadth of IT expertise, meaning we can support you no matter the issue

    Meet your totalIT Team

    • Personal Support Team: Unlimited access to a dependable, friendly remote IT helpdesk available 24/7
    • Field based IT support consultant: Dedicated consultant on hand to provide deskside assistance and support.
    • Technical Consultant: Focused on proactive tasks and developments that keep your IT from falling behind.
    • Remote IT Administrator: Responsible for network admin functions including, managing patches and updates and providing a comprehensive monthly report
    • 24/7 system monitoring: Tracking essential daily tasks, such as backup and anti-virus performance, including proactive security alerts.
    • Dedicated user management team: To manage joiners and leavers to your organisation
    • Procurement, license and asset management team: We will help manage your licenses, your warranties and expiry dates and we offer a full procurement service
    • Relationship manager: Provides strategic support and advice as well as being your personal ‘go to’ point of contact at ramsac
    • Solutions Architect: Regular strategic development time providing impartial advice to develop a structured IT roadmap
    Outsourced IT Support 

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    Satisfaction Survey

    All our clients are invited to provide a quick rating of satisfaction when we close a Support request for them. Find out what they had to say.

    Compare totalIT managed IT services

    IncludesOther Fully Managed IT SolutionstotalITtotalIT Secure +
    24/7, 365 remote support
    Jargon free support
    Starter & leaver management
    Strategic planning
    IT roadmap management 
    Critical system monitoring  
    Cyber Security Benchmarking 
    Monthly IT health reporting
    Unlimited account management
    Asset management
    24/7 cyber incident detection
    24/7 cyber breach response
    Monthly cyber incident reporting 
    Priority security patching 

    Download our brochure

    Our totalIT brochure explains the ins and outs of our totalIT service, helping you to understand what you’re getting.

    Additional IT support services

    ramsac offers additional resources and specific expertise to plug in house skills gaps.

    Access the precise service or area of expertise you need, exactly when you need it, without having to recruit a sixty-strong team of engineers. Select from a menu of options including the following:

    Projects & Consultancy

    Keep your IT on track and in line with your business objectives.

    IT Strategy

    Expert assistance in developing your IT plans and roadmaps to support aspirations and growth plans.


    Stay secure in the event of damaging cyberattacks with ongoing, trusted cybersecurity management. 

    Cybersecurity Training

    In person and online, one-off and regular training to ensure your ‘human firewall’ is fully prepared for when an attack strikes.

    Cyber Resilience Certification

    Independent reviews of your existing IT estate to highlight areas of cybersecurity good practice and suggest necessary updates to protect your organisation, before providing you with a certification level.

    Microsoft 365

    Microsoft experts help you get the most out of your 365 subscription and help you ensure its fully secured.

    SharePoint Consultancy

    From migrating files to the cloud to the development of time saving intranets.

    Cloud Migration

    Take advantage of the security, scalability & cost savings of the cloud.

    Cybersecurity monitoring

    ramsac has created secure+ to detect and respond to a cyber breach as it happens.

    Why choose ramsac for outsourced IT support?

    award winning icon


    ramsac is an award-winning outsourced IT company, so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re working a business that’s recognised for its efforts.

    certified icon


    You can rest easy in the knowledge our qualified IT professionals hold certifications in products including Microsoft, Dell, HP, Sophos, SonicWall & Veeam.

    support icon

    Effortless assistance

    Get instant access to a UK-based technical advisor, not a team of call handlers. We offer remote access help and can take control of your device to show you, live, how to fix your problem.

    open door icon


    We are well-known for our 24hr jargon-free support. We only ever use clear, comfortable language and are always available if you need IT support.

    What our clients say

    • Sir John Soane’s Museum

      "Every encounter with any personnel from ramsac has always been a valuable, collaborative, engaging and a learning experience."

      View case study

    • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

      “They are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly…we have had very positive experiences working with ramsac.”

      View case study

    • Nuffield Foundation – Cyber Resilience Certification

      “We want to know that we’re doing everything we should be doing to keep our systems as secure as reasonably possible"

      View case study

    • Chambers Group

      "ramsac employees genuinely care about what they are doing and the people they help which is a breath of fresh air in the IT industry"

      View case study

    • English National Opera

      "Within less than a year of working together, we have a clear plan, we have overcome a number of significant issues and have delivered some real breakthroughs in productivity."

      View case study

    • WPC

      “The support service provided by ramsac has been excellent.  The team are easy to contact, and knowledgeable"

      View case study

    Cyber Essentials FAQs

    What is outsourced IT support?

    Outsourced IT support is a service designed for organisations looking to outsource part, or all, of their IT function to specialists like ramsac. A trusted third-party specialist can manage everything from day-to-day IT issues, to the higher stakes elements of IT support such as cybersecurity protection or file backup management.

    Why choose to outsource your IT Team?

    Outsourcing your IT team boasts many benefits to businesses operating in today’s landscape. Through delegating to expert IT teams, outsourcing your IT support saves time, money and improves efficiencies. Not only can you rely on your specialist external team to deliver time and time again, but you’ll also save valuable time and money on internal teams.

    Which elements of IT support can be outsourced?

    One of the key benefits of outsourcing your IT function is its flexibility. From partly to fully managed packages, outsourced IT support is designed to work for you and your employees. Whether it’s day-to-day employee assistance cybersecurity or something in between, many or all elements of IT support can be outsourced. 

    How much does outsourced IT support cost?

    From the size of your organisation to the different type of IT support you require, the cost of outsourced IT support varies dependent on a number of factors. Whether opting for our fully managed IT solution or adding additional packages such as totalIT and totalIT Secure+, costing will vary. 

    ramsac team

    How can we help you?

    We’d love to talk to you about your specific IT needs, and we’d be happy to offer a no obligation assessment of your current IT set up. Whether you are at a point of organisational change, unsure about security, or just want to sanity check your current IT arrangements, we’re here to help.

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