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Are your IT processes as secure and effective as they could be? Confidence in your organisation’s cybersecurity is more important than ever, and it’s not just your IT infrastructure that needs reviewing.

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    What is a Cyber Audit from ramsac?

    At ramsac, we recognise how important it is for all organisations to regularly review how well protected they are from a cyber attack or breach. Cybersecurity and business interruption firmly remain as the top threats to organisations globally, according to Allianz’s annual Risk Barometer report; therefore its more important than ever to ensure that you have the right measures in place to safeguard your organisation from cyber threats.

    When people hear the term “cyber audit”, their minds often flick to the various technical measures you might deploy across your organisation to protect your systems, data and people, for example Anti-Virus solutions, Firewalls, patching, cyber monitoring etc.

    But cybersecurity is more than just your technical measures of protection – your people play a key part in protecting your critical assets, and secure behaviours come from the top down within the organisation, reinforced with meaningful, easy to understand policies.

    As such, ramsac’s approach to cyber audits is to perform a review of the whole organisation, from technical controls to written policies, to behaviours across the organisation and how the board perceives cybersecurity. This way, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive overview of their organisation’s approach to cybersecurity, and present meaningful recommendations tailored to your industry and organisation.

    What our Cybersecurity audit covers

    We assess the security of your organisation across four key control areas, these are:

    Organisational controls

    How your leadership team foster a culture of data security and protection across your organisation.

    Technical controls

    How your data is protected from a technical perspective, i.e. at a network, endpoint, and software level. 

    People controls

    How you ensure that your employees take responsibility for safeguarding your data.

    Physical controls

    How your data is protected at a physical level on-site.

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    How our cybersecurity audit works

    Our highly experienced Cybersecurity & Technical Consultants will gather information by spending time with key members of your organisation, such as from the Board or Senior Leadership Team, as well as anyone responsible for overseeing IT within your company.  We also deploy various tools to help us gather a picture of the health of your IT estate and vulnerability to cyber threats.

    Once we have completed our review, we provide you with a comprehensive report of all of our findings, a summary of the maturity of your various control areas, and recommendations tailored to your business as to how you can bridge gaps and make improvements. We will walk these through with you so that you get the most from the audit findings.

    Benefits of our cybersecurity audits

    Nowadays, having secure and healthy IT is mission critical for any business, especially where sensitive data is integral to how you work.

    Having a professional cyber audit across your systems, people and processes by a specialist like ramsac, gives you peace of mind that your organisation is doing everything it can to safeguard against cyber risks and data breaches.

    • Enhance protection from dangerous & costly breaches
    • Reduce staff & end-user errors by holding frequent, comprehensive training sessions
    • Ensure and maintain compliance
    • Improve recovery time if a breach does happen
    • Minimise downtime and protect productivity
    • Ensure procedures evolve in line with industry developments

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    Cybersecurity audit

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