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    AI readiness assessment

    AI and large language models (LLMs) like Copilot for Microsoft 365 and ChatGPT, offer tremendous opportunities for organisations to redefine work and inspire innovation. However, they also pose significant challenges in terms of data privacy concerns, security vulnerabilities and misuse.

    AI tools like Copilot access information across your IT systems. However, if deployed without setup, they may process outdated historic data containing incorrect answers. Even more concerning, they could access sensitive data usually hidden behind restricted folders or password-protected documents.

    Unless you’re happy to provide all your users with full access to everything ever stored in your IT estate, without control or restriction, it’s essential that you fully prepare for the use of AI before simply licensing it for use.

    Key AI challenges that organisations face

    • AI provides organisations with a huge amount of potential to innovate but also comes with some risks that need to be mitigated.
    • Organisations must ensure data compliance and security, to prevent data breaches or misuse
    • Organisations need to set boundaries and policies for usage, to help avoid over reliance or abuse of the technology
    • It is vital to steer innovation responsibly, and align AI solutions with the organisational goals and values

    We are trusted by

    AI readiness assessment for Copilot for Microsoft 365

    Our AI readiness assessment looks at what your organisation needs to implement AI, and provides you with clear guidance and support to make it happen.

    Identify AI opportunities and use cases

    We start with a readiness assessment, which defines your organisation’s vision and goals for using Copilot. This will identify the personas and potential scenarios that could benefit from its use, as well as licensing and technical configuration requirements.

    Ensure data readiness and security

    A key component before introducing Copilot into your organisation is to ensure that your sensitive data is protected and correctly secured. Off the back of the readiness assessment, we will advise on any remedial actions relating to this step before we move to the implementation phase.

    Define your strategy

    A documented strategy for introducing and maintaining Copilot within your organisation is a vital step. In this stage we ensure Copilot is aligned with your organisation’s business objectives and values, and that Copilot usage is compliant with internal policies and government regulations.

    Introduce it to your organisation

    A pilot group of users should be chosen with a defined remit of how they should be testing Copilot to begin a phased rollout. ramsac will then work with you to ensure this is rolled out in a controlled and consistent manner.

    Train your staff

    Before completing the roll out of Copilot to the entire organisation, giving your staff training on how and when to use AI unlocks Copilot’s maximum benefit. ramsac can provide training on AI and how to use it effectively, including prompting.

    Strategic AI evolution

    Innovations in AI are changing at a rapid pace. ramsac can help customers review and update their Copilot strategy and policies, and identify new opportunities and future use cases, to ensure you are getting the most out of your implementation.

    Why AI readiness assessments are crucial today

    Without an AI readiness assessment and audit, your organisation could accidentally reveal personal information to employees and have a lack of understanding on how employees are using AI.

    • Prevents access to sensitive information
    • Ensures AI isn’t being used maliciously
    • Provides clear training to users
    • Stops unauthorised AI tools from being used
    • Creates a foundation to build from as new technologies emerge
    • Sets expectations on what AI should be used for

    Learn more about our AI in our blog

    AI moves at a rapid pace. We constantly discuss the latest developments in our technology blog.

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    AI: Readiness Assessment from ramsac

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