Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) are the professional body for speech and language therapists in the UK.  Their mission is to enable better lives for people with communication and swallowing needs, by facilitating and promoting research, producing guidance, holding events and influencing government. They promote better education and training for speech and language therapists and provide information to their members and the public about speech and language therapy. 

Longstanding client growth through the years 

RCSLT have been a ramsac client for over 20 years, joining ramsac at a time where managed services was a relatively new concept. Both organisations have seen much change over the last twenty years, with the expansion of the internet, the birth of the cloud and more recently, the extended need for cyber security support and services. 

Jonathan Bowles, Head of Corporate Services at Royal College of Speech and Language comments,

“We have worked with ramsac for many years. As our organisation has grown, they have continued to support us, adapting their service to our evolving security and support needs.”    

ramsac assign a dedicated Relationship Manager to RCSLT as well as a dedicated technical consultant, who has worked with them consistently over that time, helping them to discover their most important needs, requirements, vulnerabilities and concerns. RCSLT benefit from ramsac’s ‘totalIT’ service, which is a comprehensive IT support and management solution that has grown with the firm.  With totalIT they not only receive 24/7 remote support, their network is monitored constantly meaning any problems can be recognised and acted on immediately. In addition, RCSLT receive monthly reports to look at any patterns which can investigated to prevent future issues, as well as managing all IT assets and ensuring that all systems, policies and standards are being maintained.  As a totalIT client, RCSLT have an IT road map, developed and maintained by their dedicated ramsac team. Inputting data from monthly monitoring reports, support helpdesk data and the businesses future growth plans, their Relationship Manager and Solutions Architect can assist the company with strategic planning and decisions. 

Reflecting on the totalIT service from ramsac,  Jonathan said,

“We have already achieved advances in our network security and explored efficiencies through process automation.” 

Completed Projects 

ramsac have worked with RCSLT on numerous projects over the years, including network upgrades and hardware refreshes, cloud migration, cyber security training, and  achieving Cyber Essentials, a government backed accreditation demonstrating compliance with best practise standards around cyber security.

ramsac also support regular security testing, , ensuring the safety of their systems, devices, and data. 

Jonathan commented, “Not only do ramsac understand our IT operations, but they also understand how the organisation as a whole operates,” which is essential in ensuring that IT plan continually evolves to support the operational needs of the charity. 

Experience with ramsac 

If a relationship of over 20 years is not proof enough, Jonathan from RCSLT confirmed they would happily recommend ramsac as an IT service provider, stating,

“They are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly…we have had very positive experiences working with ramsac.”  

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