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Flexible IT support for Guildford organisations

ramsac are the dedicated IT team you need by your side. Jargon-free, no nonsense IT support for your Guildford business, charity or organisation, 24/7, whenever you need us.

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    IT support in Guildford

    No matter if you’re looking for fully managed IT services, enhanced cybersecurity or support with cloud migration, ramsac are here to help.

    We offer 24/7, jargon-free IT support to keep your Guildford business, charity or organisation efficient, secure and most importantly, moving.

    We understand your needs require more than a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we always look at the best solutions for your business. We are flexible with our services to help enhance your business’s strategic, productivity and security goals. Working closely with you as an extension of your business, we’ll provide friendly, helpful IT support when and where you need it.

    ramsac team

    Choose a local IT service that meets your needs

    We’re here to help. Whether you need a fully managed IT service or just someone to help fill in the gaps in your business, we have the tools to do both. We’re local to Guildford businesses too, based just five minutes outside of Guildford town centre on the Old Portsmouth Road.

    Our outsourced IT service allows us to work as an extension of your team, meaning you have immediate answers to any IT questions without hiring a huge team of experts.

    At ramsac, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals and objectives. That’s why we work to reduce your downtime, streamline your processes, and improve your overall IT strategy. Enjoy all this, and more, with friendly, jargon-free support.

    We are trusted by

    totalit logo

    Enjoy a completely managed IT support service with totalIT

    Need a fully managed IT service? Try totalIT

    With totalIT, your Guildford-based business can experience a people-driven service that’s both proactive and supports your overall IT strategy. Enjoy the freedom of completely outsourcing your IT for a fixed monthly fee with no hidden charges. With no cap on the number of support calls you can make, totalIT is as simple as IT support gets.

    totalIT is scalable and flexible, so it can grow and move alongside your business and its operations. We also simplify IT management for you and your employees thanks to our strategic and service-driven approach.

    With totalIT, you’ll have access to a complete IT department without the need to hire anyone in-house.

    Working both remotely and from our Guildford office, we offer a 24/7, 365 approach which means you’re never without help. So, even if it’s a public holiday or the middle of the night, totalIT will be there for you.

    As part of our totalIT service, you’ll deal with our friendly bunch of experts, who aren’t afraid to answer your IT questions – no matter how minor or major they are. Combine this with our around-the-clock monitoring system secure+, server management services, security maintenance, remote IT administration, and much more, totalIT can handle everything for you.

    Your totalIT team has everything you need

    When you partner with ramsac, you get access to a friendly bunch of experts who are always on hand to support you. Many businesses across Guildford have already benefitted from our services, so what’s stopping you? Here’s everything you can expect from us.

    • 24/7, 365 system monitoring: Enjoy proactive security alerts, track essential daily tasks and monitor anti-virus performance.
    • Your support team: Based in Guildford, our IT helpdesk is available 24/7 and offers you friendly, dependable support whenever you need it.
    • Technical consultants: Stop your IT from lagging or failing with our focused and proactive technical consultants.
    • IT support consultants based in the field: We’re not just a helpdesk, we have Guildford-based consultants on hand to visit your sites and assist you.
    • Remote IT administrator: Our remote administrators manage network admin functions, such as updates and patches, and provide you with a report each month.
    • Solutions architect: To help you produce a structured IT roadmap, we offer regular and strategic development time alongside impartial advice.
    • Procurement, license, and asset management: We absorb the hassle of expiry dates, license management and warranties so you don’t have to. In addition, we can support you with procuring new software and licenses for the programs you need.
    • User management team: Dedicated to your onboarding and offboarding process, our user management team coordinates IT requirements for new hires and leavers.
    • Relationship manager: This is your point of contact at ramsac. Our relationship managers provide support and strategic advice for your business.

    Features of our IT support services in Guildford

    Partnering with a local, Guildford-based IT company like ramsac can help you unlock the full potential of your IT investments. No matter your industry, our trained specialists offer critical advice and guidance to ensure your systems remain efficient and productive around the clock.

    • Fully managed IT support with 24/7 monitoring of server and workstation
    • Access to Guildford-based technical advisors
    • Jargon-free advice available 24 hours a day
    • Certified IT professionals specialising in Microsoft, Citrix, Apple, Dell, HP, VMware & Veeam
    • Quick responses to IT support requests
    • Remote access help so we can take control of your PC and show you how to resolve an issue, live

    • A dedicated IT manager
    • Receive regular strategic input and help with IT decision making
    • Fixed monthly costs, no hidden extras
    • Secure web portal to monitor the work we’re completing for you.
    • Optional access to secure+ alongside our managed IT service, totalIT, that monitors, assesses, and reacts to cyber breaches.

    secure+ – an additional line of cyber defence for Guildford businesses

    Businesses across Guildford hold a host of customer data – and as you’d imagine, this is incredibly attractive to cybercriminals.

    This makes organisations and charities a prime target for data breaches – so it’s more important than ever that cybersecurity is an integral part of your business.

    That’s why we’ve created secure+, a bolt-on for our totalIT service. secure+ not only protects customers from cyber-attacks but proactively looks at preventing them.

    Similar to a cyber operations centre, secure+ is a fully managed service that enables us to check threats in real-time and respond. We’re here for you 24/7

    As part of the service, we offer full consultation so secure+ can work seamlessly with your business in mind.

    Here’s what totalIT offers you

    FeaturingOther Fully Managed IT SolutionstotalITtotalIT with Secure +
    remote support available 24/7, 365 days a year
    Jargon-free support from the experts
    Strategic planning & IT roadmap
    Proactive threat detection & resolution
    Automated monitoring
    Industry leading compliance
    Advanced cyber monitoring
    Benchmarking security standards

    IT support services for Guildford businesses

    Our complete IT management package offers unlimited support 24/7 for a fixed monthly fee.

    IT Strategy

    Get expert support to develop your IT plans, roadmap and growth paths.

    Microsoft 365

    Migrate your workforce to Microsoft 365.

    Cloud migration

    Step-by-step assistance with migration to the cloud.

    Cybersecurity training

    We’ve got a great range of tools for both in-person and online training that keeps your workforce up to date.

    Projects & consultancy

    Critical and impartial IT advice for projects.

    Cybersecurity monitoring

    Protect your firm and your people from cyber breaches.

    Cyber Resilience Certification

    Go for bronze, silver or gold certifications. These measure the security of your IT estate and help protect your organisation further

    PwC solutions

    Our partnership with PwC enables us to support SMEs based in and around Guildford.

    SharePoint consultancy

    From file migration to setting up the cloud, our SharePoint consultancy service will save you time.

    Additional IT support
    for in-house IT team

    Working as an extension of your current IT team

    As we offer a flexible service, we can plug any in-house gaps in your IT team. We know you don’t necessarily need a whole team of IT experts, so we offer a range of additional resources and expertise. Whether you need extra support during busy periods, when you’re not there, or at all times, we can help.

    Technology implementation, upgrades & management

    We can offer assistance with project upgrades and technology including Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365, as well as implementation and management of VMWare & Citrix technology.

    Data security

    If you’re looking for support with data security, our information security consultants can offer independent advice around data protection and system integrity when you need it.

    Supporting project planning

    Whether you need independent advice to support your project planning, a sounding board for your ideas or a peer review before a project goes live, we can help.

    Independent audits

    We can perform an audit of your current infrastructure to help highlight areas for potential future development or areas of risk that need to be addressed. 

    Case study: Challengers

    Guildford-based charity, Challengers, were seeking jargon-free, friendly IT support alongside a stress-free migration to Microsoft 365. The charity wanted to work with an IT company that was always at the end of the phone when they needed help.

    That’s where ramsac came in. Not only did we offer friendly support and advice, but we also made the process of Microsoft 365 migration seamless for them.

    “Before we moved towards working with ramsac, we were having real difficulty in getting good support. Working with a company that understood what we did and spoke to us in a language that we understood. We chose ramsac because, they came across as a really friendly supportive organisation who could support is in a way that we needed to be supported who were practical, friendly helpful and there at the end of phone whenever we really need that them to be there.”

    IT support in Guildford

    Benefits of our IT support services in Guildford

    Our no-nonsense IT support solutions help organisations in the Guildford area remain secure and efficient with their IT. With 24/7, jargon-free advice and support available, ramsac’s experts are on-hand to assist whenever you need help.

    By working closely in partnership with your organisation, we can help you unlock the full value from your IT investment.

    • Remain cyber-secure and minimise potential disruption to your business
    • Streamline communication between remote and office-based users
    • Meet and exceed business objectives
    • Enhance the productivity of your organisation
    • Unlock the full power of Microsoft from the experts

    Why choose ramsac for Guildford IT Support?

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    We pride ourselves on our consistent levels of excellent service

    ramsac flexible icon


    We work flexibly to provide you with a service that meets your exact needs.

    ramsac icon negotiate


    We don’t use complex jargon, and are always happy to take your call.

    Our partners

    ramsac are a gold dell technologies partner
    ramsac are a sophos gold partner
    ramsac are a sonicwall gold partner
    ramsac are a ISO and UKAS accredited

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    What our clients say

    • Emerging Futures

      "totalIT has reduced our level of risk significantly and completely removed the burden of endless worry about managing our IT infrastructure."

      View case study

    • Sir John Soane’s Museum

      "Every encounter with any personnel from ramsac has always been a valuable, collaborative, engaging and a learning experience."

      View case study

    • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

      “They are very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly…we have had very positive experiences working with ramsac.”

      View case study

    • Nuffield Foundation – Cyber Resilience Certification

      “We want to know that we’re doing everything we should be doing to keep our systems as secure as reasonably possible"

      View case study

    • Chambers Group

      "ramsac employees genuinely care about what they are doing and the people they help which is a breath of fresh air in the IT industry"

      View case study

    • English National Opera

      "Within less than a year of working together, we have a clear plan, we have overcome a number of significant issues and have delivered some real breakthroughs in productivity."

      View case study

    ramsac IT Support FAQs

    Why does my business need outsourced IT support?

    Whether it’s day-to-day IT support you’re looking for, or a fully managed, 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring service, ramsac’s outsourced IT support services ensure that your business stays up and running.

    Why choose a local Guildford business for my IT support?

    As a local Guildford business, we’re able to provide close outsourced IT support when you need it. While IT support can be provided entirely remotely, we’re able to support you both remotely and in person when it’s needed, giving you peace of mind.

    Is cybersecurity included as part of IT support?

    Different levels of IT support are needed for different businesses, and here at ramsac, we tailor our services to reflect just that. Whether it’s our totalIT or totalIT secure + service, we’ll ensure that your organisation gets the cybersecurity help it needs.

    What parts of IT support can be outsourced?

    Whether it’s partly or fully managed, a significant benefit to outsourcing your IT support is flexibility. Tailored to suit the needs of your organisation from a top-level perspective to employee level, many elements of IT, if not all, can be outsourced.

    Find out how we can help

    Speak to us today for a no-obligation chat about your IT needs. Whether you’re looking for a fully managed service or advice about security, we’re happy to help discuss your needs.

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