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secure password policy in Microsoft 365

How to set up a secure password policy in Microsoft 365


Discover the essentials of a robust password policy for cybersecurity in Microsoft 365. Learn what to include and what to avoid. Read the blog today. [...]

How to apply Labels hero image

A guide to sensitivity labels and how to apply them


Sensitivity labels allow you to manage, organise, and protect sensitive emails, files, and documents as part of the Microsoft 365 suite. Read on. [...]

MFA vs 2FA What's the Difference

MFA vs 2FA: What’s the Difference?


Features like user facial recognition that are difficult to replicate means multi-factor authentication offers more cybersecurity layers than two-factor authentication. Find out more. [...]

Happy Birthday secure+: How our cybersecurity solution has detected over 8000 cybersecurity alerts in one year


secure+ has detected and responded to over 8000 security alerts in its first year [...]

MFA Fatigue: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is best practice, but it’s not risk free.


MFA Fatigue is a problem organisations need to be aware of, in this blog we break down why and what organisations can do to combat it. [...]

ramsac personal data protection blog

Data Protection Day – Protecting your information on social media.


The 28th of January is Data Protection day, to mark this day we have created a blog with tips on how people can keep their personal data safe on [...]

Cybersecurity – The importance of Testing & Training


Many organisations offer cybersecurity training to their staff, but training and testing as a combined strategy provides a much stronger defence against cybercrime. [...]

Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack – Cyber secure series


Man-in-the-middle attacks mean an attacker has intercepted communications between two people and has altered them in some way. Learn more today. [...]

Data Protection and Innovation: The Role of the ICO Regulatory Sandbox in the UK


In this blog, we'll explore the concept of the ICO Regulatory Sandbox and its objectives in the data protection landscape in the UK [...]