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VPNs vs ZTNA: A Comprehensive Guide to Network Security

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Understanding the key differences between Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is crucial for ensuring robust network security in an increasingly remote and cloud-based world. [...]

Understanding the PSTN switch-off: what it means for you


The old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is shutting down at the end of this year, we explain the impact this could have on organisations. [...]

What does sustainability in IT look like?


Sustainability isn’t something you can do once and never look at again. IT is an area that is constantly evolving and our approach to sustainability needs to adapt to [...]

What are you sharing on Social Media?


We all post a lot on social media these days. But do we really stop to consider the cyber safety of what we are posting?  [...]

The Great Laptop Refresh: Why you should be reviewing your laptops health. 


Organisations need to refresh their laptops every 3- 4 years, we explore how they can do it smoothly and efficiently. [...]

Technology event Q&A – February 2023


We run monthly tech Q&A events to give organisations the opportunity to get their questions answered. In this blog we share some of the questions we received at the [...]

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How Charity Hub CRM boosts capacity to manage donors & members


If you are looking at ways to improve the management of your donors and other supporters, our friends at Preact have launched a charity CRM application that can help. [...]

Team working with external users with SharePoint in a modern office

Everything there is to know about external sharing in SharePoint


Sharing externally on SharePoint can be a security risk. In our latest blog, we explain how to use SharePoint to your advantage when it comes to sharing. [...]

two people in reception connecting to guest wifi

Why you should offer guest WiFi


Guest WiFi helps to keep your main company network secure, and ensures each guest has a professional and seamless experience at your workplace. Discover more from ramsac today. [...]

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