Cyber Chat Episode 9 – The importance of software updates

Welcome to Episode 9 of Cyber Chat, in this episode Rob May explains why software updates are vital in protecting your organisation against cyber crime.

Managing the ongoing cybersecurity of your IT infrastructure should be a primary concern – whatever the shape or size of your organisation. Cybersecurity breaches are the number one threat in today’s business landscape. Incidents come in many forms: cyber attacks; laptops left on trains; malicious staff; or, even more simply, accidental data loss caused by human error. The human firewall is vital as a line of defence for any organisation and in this video Rob, author of The Human Firewall (available on Amazon) explains what the Human Firewall is.

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Cyber Chat – Episode 9 – video transcript

Hi, I’m Rob May, I’m MD of ramsac and welcome to Cyber Chat. I want to talk to you today about software updates. It’s really important that when software updates are available, that you install them and lots of people don’t. And my question is to you, if you don’t. What’s your corporate policy?

So, you might be in control of your PC that’s sat in front of you. But what about your business as a whole and what’s your policy? And if you’re not the IT person, then you’re typically going to say to me, “Well IT do it.” But if you’re a director of the business, my question to you is, how do you know? What’s the policy? And how do you know that the policy is being maintained?

If a third party is responsible for doing this for you, have you got the proof that it’s been done? I’ve talked previously about WannaCry, the so called NHS cyber-attack. Where 75% of NHS trusts, got brought to their knees by a ransomware attack, that could have been mitigated, if only they’d loaded free of charge Microsoft updates. But they hadn’t for 5 years. So, software updates are really important. And my challenge to you is to find out what your policy is, and to prove that it’s being maintained. I hope that’s useful, stay safe and I look forward to speaking to you soon. Thank you