Getting the most from your Microsoft investment

The majority of our clients pay for their Microsoft bill on a monthly basis. It’s almost like the electricity bill, you know you can’t be without it so it’s just paid for each month. However, for many, it isn’t an insignificant investment when you cost it out over the year, so it’s surprising that many organisations are using less than half of the features that your license entitles you to. In this video we explore how you can get the most benefit from the money you’re already spending. We explore the lesser known features of 365 and we look at where you may be paying twice for features you didn’t know existed within the 365 license. We then take a look at the security implications of the modern way of working – and look at how we can better control the access to, and recovery of, data that’s being accessed every day from phones, laptops and ipads.

Dan May is joined by Matt Longman and James Neville-Towle, both of whom are experts on the Microsoft suite and the security opportunities that it presents, to provide a jargon free understanding of how you can get the most out of your investment in Microsoft.

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