Getting the most out of SharePoint

Most organisations are now using SharePoint in one form or another. For many, they have implemented a fairly ‘out of the box’ installation of SharePoint to make use of the cloud storage and collaboration it offers, but organisations are often unaware of both the security and data protection settings that should be employed for good practice, as well as some of the key features they may be missing.

In this webinar we will take you through the questions you should be asking of your SharePoint to ensure you are getting the most out of the solution.

Dan May, Commercial Director at ramsac is joined by ramsac’s lead SharePoint Consultant, Adil Hussain, to host a walk through of the key checks and settings all SharePoint sites should have in place as well as a chance for a general Q&A about SharePoint good practice.

ramsac SharePoint health check

Our SharePoint health checks will provide your organisations with a ‘red, amber, green’ priority report based on suggestions for how you can make your SharePoint site more secure and more efficient. Contact us for more information.

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