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Cybersecurity and phishing awareness solutions

Providing your employees with cybersecurity and phishing awareness training is vital to protecting your organisation. Your human firewall can make or break your cybersecurity shield and your colleagues are at once your company’s greatest assets, its biggest weakness and its best defence.


Why training is your best defence

The rise of phishing

Around 70% of targeted attacks involve phishing emails. These insidious emails rely on social engineering to psychologically manipulate you into giving away sensitive data.

Human error

Research shows that 90% of cybersecurity breaches involve human error. This is not to say employees are knowingly allowing breaches to occur, the vast majority are due to innocent mistakes, a lack of understanding and ultimately a lack of training.


Regular continuous training

Training can lead to a 78% reduction in the likelihood of an employee falling for a phishing email

Cybersecurity awareness training

Our cybersecurity awareness training is an easy to administer, company-wide training & awareness programme, delivered in bite-size, humorous videos, directly to your inbox every four weeks. Each training module is anchored on a 2-3 minute video, written by real movie/TV comedy writers and acted by entertainment industry pros. In a few minutes per month, employees get a dose of knowledge, learning what to do through mini-sitcoms they won’t forget. The training videos are the foundation of a focused, complete, and effective system that imparts and reinforces crucial knowledge.

And to ensure that the investment in training is worthwhile, ramsac can add a wrap around management service, rolling out training and reporting back the statistics of who is completing the course regularly and who needs a gentle reminder.

David Ewing, Executive Head of IT for RoSPA commented “We deal with a lot of data in our company, so it is important that we get it right when it comes to training our staff.  We have a responsibility to continually educate our staff regarding the latest scams that exist, and which pose a genuine threat to both our business as well as personal/private data”,

Phishing awareness training

The ramsac phishing awareness subscription is a great way of increasing awareness. By testing which of your employees can spot a phishing email and which are fooled by them.
From just £75 a month, we will carry out random simulated phishing attacks, ensuring that every user receives a very realistic phishing email at least twice a year. The emails mimic phishing emails from well-known brands such as LinkedIn and Microsoft, and If the user clicks on a link they will be taken to a safe web page, that highlights what they have just clicked on and offers them an immediate online training session on how to spot attacks in the future.

Every 6 months the management team or a nominated person will receive a report, detailing who did and didn’t click on the link and who has completed the online training. This extra knowledge will help you improve your cybersecurity by identifying any weaknesses in your human firewall and where additional training may be needed.


Cybersecurity awareness training factsheet
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Phishing awareness factsheet
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