Our SLA definitions

Support team response times based on case prioritisation

Support Team – Response Times

Priority 1
Definition An issue with a business critical service which results in multiple users being unable to work
First Response 30 Minutes
Closure Target 4 Working Hours
Priority 2
Definition An issue which results in a single user being unable to work, or a fault with a non business critical service that affects multiple users.
First Response 2 Working Hours
Closure Target 10 Working Hours
Priority 3
Definition A non business critical system is impaired, but users are able to continue to work.
First Response 4 Working Hours
Closure Target 14 Working Hours
Backup Priority
Definition Any issue or error relating to a backup not completing successfully.
First Response 7 Working Hours
Closure Target 28 Working Hours
Change Request
Definition A request to make a change to the system, such as adding or removing users, changing permissions, granting access, etc. These are requests that can normally be predicted and therefore planned in advance.
Closure Target 19 Working Hours
24 Hour Case
First Response 1 Hour (Please note this is only available to clients subscribing to our 24 hour service).

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