Challengers is a registered children’s charity, established in 1979, dedicated to providing exciting and challenging play and leisure opportunities for disabled children and young people. They do this through their play and youth centres in Guildford and Farnham and through a range of community based projects across Surrey and, increasingly, the surrounding areas.

In this video, Laura Sercombe discusses how ramsac helped Challengers with their IT support, their move to Office 365 and how we made IT simple for them.

Challengers – video transcript

Before we moved towards working with ramsac, we were having real difficulty in getting good support. Working with a company that understood what we did and spoke to us in a language that we understood. We chose ramsac because, they came across as a really friendly supportive organisation who could support is in a way that we needed to be supported who were practical, friendly helpful and there at the end of Phone whenever we really need that them to be there.

That was really important because we wanted them to feel part of our organisation and they very, very much do so. Moving to Office 365 was really quite painless. I anticipated lots and lots of problems because generally speaking projects around IT can be seriously problematic, but it wasn’t. It was calm, professional and there were so few glitches, so it was great.

We moved to Office 365 because, we were having problems with our existing setup and we wanted to address those but also is the first step towards our disaster recovery program. So, we now know that if everything goes down, if everything blows up, we can still email each other, which is critical.

Our overall experience of ramsac has been excellent, we’re really pleased. I would completely recommend ramsac to other organisations, their great.

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