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Author: Louise Howland

Louise heads up the marketing function at ramsac and is responsible for the business' communications, events and digital strategies. Louise's career spans over 18 years working as a marketing specialist in the IT sector, she is passionate about delivering IT content in language that is simple to understand. Outside of work Louise lives in Surrey with her husband and 2 sons.


Happy Birthday secure+: How our cybersecurity solution has detected over 8000 cybersecurity alerts in one year


secure+ has detected and responded to over 8000 security alerts in its first year [...]

Say hello to the new Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365

Microsoft is retiring the classic version of Teams at the end of March 2024 and moving everyone to the new Teams [...]

What does sustainability in IT look like?


Sustainability isn’t something you can do once and never look at again. IT is an area that is constantly evolving and our approach to sustainability needs to adapt to [...]

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Does Microsoft 365 provide backup protection for organisations?

Microsoft 365

Many organisations that use Microsoft 365 are unaware of the importance of a separate Cloud backup solution, this blog explores why these are so important. [...]

ramsac office

What is Viva Amplify?

Microsoft 365

Viva Amplify provides a simplified way to get important communications out to employees with as little fuss as possible. [...]

ramsac personal data protection blog

Data Protection Day – Protecting your information on social media.


The 28th of January is Data Protection day, to mark this day we have created a blog with tips on how people can keep their personal data safe on [...]

What you need to know about Microsoft 365 Copilot, the ultimate AI assistant


Following this week's announcement, we explain what Microsoft 365 Copilot is and how you can prepare your organisation for it. [...]

How to Make AI Work for You?


Do you know how to utilise AI to ask specific and detailed questions so you can gain new insights and make better decisions? [...]

Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack – Cyber secure series


Man-in-the-middle attacks mean an attacker has intercepted communications between two people and has altered them in some way. Learn more today. [...]