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Author: Louise Howland

Louise heads up the marketing function at ramsac and is responsible for the business' communications, events and digital strategies. Louise's career spans over 18 years working as a marketing specialist in the IT sector, she is passionate about delivering IT content in language that is simple to understand. Outside of work Louise lives in Surrey with her husband and 2 sons.


AI-Powered PCs: Rob May discusses the next wave in computing

AITechnical Blog

In this insightful Q&A, AI expert Rob May delves into the evolving landscape of AI-powered PCs [...]

Preparing for Windows 10 end of life: key dates and how ramsac can help 

Microsoft 365

A significant change is on the horizon with Windows 10 approaching its end of life next year. Preparing for this change is vital for maintaining security and efficiency of [...]

Changes to Microsoft 365 Licensing for Nonprofit Organisations

Microsoft 365

Microsoft has recently made adjustments to its licensing options for nonprofit clients, in this blog we break down the key points and implications to the licensing changes [...]

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Navigating the new Microsoft 365 Teams licensing: What you need to know

Microsoft 365

Microsoft has recently announced updates to its licensing structure for Microsoft 365, particularly regarding the inclusion of Teams in this blog, we explain what that means for you [...]

ramsac team

Inherent risk vs residual risk: What’s the difference?


Inherent risk and residual risk are key elements of any effective risk management process designed to strengthen cybersecurity defences and protect your company’s data. Read on. [...]

ramsac team

What is cybersecurity monitoring? How important is it in 2024?


Cybersecurity monitoring is the continuous surveillance of digital systems to detect and respond to security threats and data breaches in real-time. Discover how cybersecurity monitoring software can protect your [...]

Examples of sensitive data in your organisation


Any confidential information that’s stored, processed, or managed by an organisation or individual is classified as sensitive data. Read our sensitive data examples today. [...]

Cultivating success: The power of organic growth and vibrant culture at ramsac


As we celebrate our inclusion in the Oxygen Fast Growth Top 50 as one of the fastest-growing Managed Service Providers in the UK, we reflect on our journey [...]

Understanding the PSTN switch-off: what it means for you


The old Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is shutting down at the end of this year, we explain the impact this could have on organisations. [...]

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