Business continuity & disaster recovery solutions

Ensure your organisation is prepared for the worst – should it happen

As trusted IT specialists, our experts will work with your business to ensure operations have plans in place to withstand unplanned downtime and cyber-criminal activity, affecting your IT infrastructure.  

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    Business continuity & disaster recovery solutions

    Whether your business has experienced equipment failures, or worse, been the victim of a cyber-attack and had data stolen, having a disaster recovery process in place is imperative for business continuity.

    In the event of a cyber-attack or IT disaster, the priority will be on calmly and smoothly returning operations back to business-as-usual. But, getting your business back up and running can only happen with business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) practices in place.

    Your business can have the assurance that backup and recovery strategies are in place to counteract downtime and IT failures, minimise data loss, and minimise disruption.

    With cybercrime’s advancements, and the increasingly remote nature of work, having a disaster recovery solution that takes remote workers into account as well is absolutely essential.

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    What our business continuity & disaster recovery solutions include 

    Supporting your IT operations as they remain uninterrupted from the ongoing risks of IT failures, site outages, and cyber-attacks, is no small feat.

    Resiliency to the various threats that can result in costly downtime requires a vigilant, responsive solution that identifies and addresses problems before they can escalate. That’s where we help:

    Continuity planning

    Continuity plans take different forms, sometimes a combined resource and sometimes separate. We’ll work with you to help form a comprehensive continuity plans encompassing Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Incident Response to ensure your business can keep going in the event of a disaster.

    Planning for interruption training

    We deliver several different training sessions for the board and the business as a whole on planning for an interruption within your organisation.

    Replication as a service

    Replication adds further protection and quicker restoration than a traditional backup. Replication services mean having your servers replicated (usually in the cloud) that can then be quickly brought live in a production environment if the primary servers fail.

    Desktop testing

    Book us to run desktop testing sessions with your teams to test your plan(s) and further strengthen and develop them. Testing should take place at least once a year.

    Backup as a service

    Our business continuity solutions include backup options for Windows and cloud-based systems. We don’t just get your systems working again, we restore them back to where you left them with agreed Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

    Assessment of weakness

    We’ll fully analyse your existing systems and provide a clear report on your current weaknesses. You will also get actions on how we plan to improve these weaknesses, and the time frames it will take to implement them.

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    The benefits of an effective business continuity and disaster recovery solution 

    An IT disaster can have dire consequences if you’re not prepared for the worst.

    It takes a level of preparedness that’s highly technical to cope with fast recovery times in the event of a disaster.

    • Enhance risk preparedness to get your IT ready to cope with disasters
    • Fast recovery after a disruptive event occurs
    • Operational resilience when things go wrong means systems remain active
    • Minimise data loss
    • Minimise downtime
    • Plan circumvention to limit the likelihood of outages
    Business continuity & disaster recovery solutions

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    Discover our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions 

    Everything from natural disasters and unplanned outages to equipment failures and cyber-attacks need to be considered as part of business continuity planning. IT disasters have the potential to disrupt a business financially, reputationally and time-wise. Our experts are here to help you prepare your business’ IT continuity plan and ensure disaster recovery is as stress-free as it possibly can be.

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