Microsoft 365 Features

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Microsoft 365 is used by businesses and individuals all over the world. It comprises a suite of applications that are useful as standalone tools, but that also work seamlessly together. In a business environment, Microsoft 365 applications and features allow teams and colleagues to collaborate more efficiently than ever before. Its applications can be reached anytime, anywhere – with the required log-in information of course. For further information on Microsoft 365 and its features, read through our in-depth guides below.

What are the features of Microsoft 365?

The suite of applications within Microsoft 365 is growing all the time, as Microsoft continues to develop new software designed to make life easier. Therefore it’s no wonder that many business owners choose to invest in Microsoft 365 licences for their teams. Working as a subscription-based service, it can cost between £4 and £10 per user, per month.

Some of the most popular features of Microsoft 365 include:

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Microsoft 365 Features

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Microsoft 365 Features

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Microsoft 365 Features

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Microsoft 365 Features

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