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Free IT Audit

Are your IT processes as secure and effective as they could be? Confidence in your organisation’s IT security is more important than ever, and it’s not just your IT infrastructure that needs reviewing.

Get a Free IT Audit

An in-depth IT audit can help you identify areas working well as well as highlight critical areas for improvement within your organisation. If you want to see where your vulnerabilities are, an IT audit is the perfect starting point. Even better if it’s free! It’s better to confront potential weaknesses now than deal with the consequences later.

ramsac’s free IT audit is one of the most thorough, in-depth IT audits around. From backups to business continuity, server access to staff training. We review your processes, infrastructure and communication with staff to provide you a report that allows you to take further action.

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    Looking for a Quick IT Health Check?

    If you want a quick overview of the state of your company’s IT health, we have a handy online questionnaire that can be completed in under 5 minutes.

    Our online questionnaire helps you evaluate how your organisation performs against identified good practice standards with commercial use of technology.

    What our Free IT audit covers

    • Identification of key risk areas – any potential parts of the network that, if they failed, would cause system wide down time
    • Backup and data retrieval processes
    • Virus, malware and malicious activity protection
    • Hardware for all business-critical devices – to ensure that server and networking hardware has sufficient resources and capacity to deliver on performance and reliability
    • System performance –a review of the system as a whole to identify areas which may be limiting performance
    • External connections – test of comms/internet connectivity and availability
    • General security review – including endpoint security, anti-malware, perimeter firewall protection, scan of external ports, passwords, admin rights etc.
    • Remote connection processes to ensure they are reliable, efficient and secure
    • General review of business continuity, system reliability and general performance

    Your IT Health - Areas to consider


    Do you know how effective your back up process is? Though you may have already invested in a robust backup process, you need to make sure the process is being frequently tested. You need to make sure the optimal processes are in place for tape backups and cloud backups.

    Total IT


    Are your critical pieces of hardware protected? From being very expensive to being hard to configure, you want to make sure your network parts are protected. By having your hardware protected, you can rest assured your staff can continue to work as they should with minimal interruption.


    Do you know if you have the correct licences in order? From Microsoft products to a multitude of other business applications, it can be hard to know if you are over or under-licenced. It is a good idea to have a member of staff tracking expiry dates to make sure all licences are up to date.



    Networks should be checked and assessed regularly to highlight any potential risks. This could include anything from backup failure to spikes in disk space. By monitoring your network and setting up alerts, you can prevent a small problem from becoming a much more critical problem.


    System updates

    Are your systems all up to date? Systems updates are crucial to making sure your computers remain protected against new vulnerabilities and threats. There should be someone monitoring both servers and user devices to ensure they are up to date and are regularly being updated.



    Do you have a handle on who has access to what within your company? Are passwords weak? Good access control is critical to maintaining strong IT security. Key considerations should include who has admin access to servers, password strength. how often passwords are changed and what the processes are when staff leave.


    Staff training

    There’s no point in investing all your money in the best IT security and technology if your staff aren’t aware of the threats. IT security should be 50% infrastructure and 50% user training. This training should be consistent and up to date to make sure staff are aware of the latest threats and best practice.

    Projects and Consultancy

    Business continuity

    Are you frequently testing your business continuity plan? To make sure your business continuity plan remains effective for responding to a companywide interruption, it needs frequent testing. Chances are, you’ll find missing areas as well as some that need updating (new staff contact details, new suppliers etc).


    Single points of failure

    Lastly, are there any single points of failure within your business? This could include having one point of contact with all the IT knowledge or simply having one internet provider. Consider how this could be improved and how you can eliminate these single points of failure.

    How our Free IT Audit works

    When you request an IT audit from us, one of the team will be in touch to discuss your current IT structure. Once we have a better understanding of your business, we will then perform our free IT audit for qualifying organisations. Unlike other IT audits, our audit is extremely thorough. It covers key risk areas and allows us to review multiple processes of which many are covered above.

    Once we have completed your IT audit, we will provide you with a written report grading individual processes with a traffic light colour coding system. Red indicates the highest priority for addressing, green for lower priority considerations.


    Essential IT health check:

    The 10 killer questions you should be asking about your IT

    Organisations depend on the smooth running of their IT, so make sure you take these 10 questions into consideration. Learn more in our free guide.

    it healthcheck

    How can we help?

    Speak to us today about your IT needs. We’ll be happy to perform an in-depth audit on your current IT infrastructure and processes, and make recommendations on the next steps you should take to improve.

    Speak to us today
    GBH Law
    GBH Law
    11:29 22 May 20
    Changing IT support providers, like changing lawyers, is not a decision any business takes lightly or frequently. The decision is fraught with numerous questions such as whether the new team will understand my business needs, will it cause teething problems, and more importantly, will the reality match the sales pitch! We took that decision to move to Ramsac in January after ten years with another provider and we have not regretted that choice for a moment. Ramsac are simply great! From the get go we have been very well supported from the front line very helpful telephone support team right up to our relationship manager. We feel that the Ramsac team are very much an integral part of us . What however has driven us to write this review is the fabulous support we have received following a cyber attack this week. Something no business wants to happen but is increasingly a sad factor of modern cyber life. The Ramsac cyber support team were superb and really gave us first class support and guidance through what was frankly a horrible experience. Thank you Dan! Denise Herrington
    The HR Services Partnership
    The HR Services Partnership
    17:59 16 Jan 20
    We have worked with Ramsac since 2015. They offer a truly winning formula. We have been delighted by their support at all three levels: our network consultant (Colin) understands our set up and is great when we need to upgrade our infrastructure; we have ready access to our account manager who has been great with supporting our growth; and the helpdesk is always so patient for the day-to-day glitches. Very professional and supportive – thank you team ramsac!
    Zoe Brooks
    Zoe Brooks
    13:02 16 Jan 20
    Sam on the support desk is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Every time I have rung with an issue and she has helped the problem has always been rectified smoothly and quickly!
    Sarah-Jane Calloway
    Sarah-Jane Calloway
    16:02 06 Jan 20
    Ed spent two days with us following an office reshuffle. He worked to a very high standard and was very helpful, courteous and happy to sort out anything we asked of him!
    Luke Hoey
    Luke Hoey
    14:20 07 Nov 19
    Always very helpful and will work hard to resolve any issues you have.
    Richard Renson
    Richard Renson
    16:54 10 Dec 18
    Great, helpful IT Kings and Queens
    Andrew Worth
    Andrew Worth
    12:37 30 Aug 18
    fine bunch
    Colin Warner
    Colin Warner
    08:46 06 Dec 17
    Excellent managed service provider.
    Selom B
    Selom B
    11:58 10 Dec 16
    First Class!! Responsive, knowledgeable, professional and very easy to work with - Ramsac have been a fantastic strategic IT partner for the last few years and I'm sure will continue to be for many years going forward. I would highly recommend them!
    Ian Windle - Inspiring Leadership
    Ian Windle - Inspiring Leadership
    08:53 04 Jul 16
    Great IT business, with a powerful management team. Could not recommend them more highly.
    Patrick O'Luanaigh
    Patrick O'Luanaigh
    10:55 01 Jul 16
    A truly fantastic IT support company - I can't speak highly enough about them.
    Sarah Whitemore
    Sarah Whitemore
    11:59 20 Jun 16
    I have known Dan May and Ramsac for 5 or 6 years now. Dan is such a great guy and really helpful with strategic advice and input on all things IT. He's so approachable and doesn't baffle you with IT jargon. If you are looking to outsource your IT or you have a problem you need help with Dan is definitely the one to ask.
    Jonathan Richards
    Jonathan Richards
    12:14 31 May 16
    I've worked with Ramsac for many years and whole heartedly recommend their services. They are always professional, approachable and have the rare skill of making IT understandable. Their can do attitude leaves you feeling that you are in safe hands.
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