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Author: Dan May

Celebrating Pride month at ramsac: What is it and why do we have one?


The blog explains the significance of Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community and society as a whole, and gives some tips on how straight allies can support it. [...]

Understanding the dangers of ‘Permission Creep’


This blog post explains what permission creep is, how it can expose sensitive data to unauthorised users, and what steps an organisation can take to prevent permission creep. [...]

Microsoft announce 9% pricing increase for 365

Microsoft 365

Microsoft have announced that on 1st April 2023 they will be increasing pricing on their cloud products in the UK, by 9%. [...]

Celebrating winning ‘World Class’ status for workplace culture


We are thrilled to start the year by being awarded the highest ‘World Class’ rating in the 2023 UK Best Companies to Work For Awards, for the second year [...]

Header sharing powerpoint in teams

How to share PowerPoint slides on Teams

Microsoft 365

There are numerous ways to share your PowerPoint slides in calls on Teams. Discover what you can do to make sharing slides in calls easier. Read our blog [...]

Man using Microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams cheat sheet

Microsoft 365

Learn everything from sharing to collaborating on team documents and how to communicate more efficiently in our Microsoft Teams cheat sheet. Read today. [...]

Cybersecurity lock on motherboard

How cybercrime costs the UK economy nearly £27B every year


Cybercrime costs claims nearly £27 billion of the UK economy almost every year. Cybercrime has only become more common, affecting many industries. Read more. [...]

Microsoft Teams call user having scheduled a meeting in Teams

How to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365

Using Teams to schedule meetings offers a range of options to help make your meetups as efficient as possible. Discover how to schedule meetings on Microsoft Teams today. [...]

two people in reception connecting to guest wifi

Why you should offer guest WiFi


Guest WiFi helps to keep your main company network secure, and ensures each guest has a professional and seamless experience at your workplace. Discover more from ramsac today. [...]