How Charity Hub CRM boosts capacity to manage donors & members

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If you are looking at ways to improve the management of your donors and other supporters, our friends at Preact have launched a charity CRM application that can help.

Many charities are experiencing increased demand for their services yet face a squeeze in their funding and resourcing. To respond to this demand, they require solutions that will boost capacity.

For example, when donation or membership data is stored in spreadsheets and older CRM applications, time-consuming processes and reporting limitations will easily result. Managing outdated systems also adds to workloads and can lead to various risks, including security problems and downtime.

In these challenging times, investing in digital tools that streamline processes and optimise resources is needed more than ever to maximise productivity and service quality.

Preact’s Charity Hub is positioned to tackle these challenges by enabling organisations to automate more processes and protect data in the cloud. Built atop Microsoft’s Power Platform, Charity Hub securely unifies data and includes out-of-the-box functionality to manage donor and member relationships.

The cost of a CRM system is often a barrier for small charities, so Preact has developed Charity Hub to run on Microsoft’s lowest-price Power Apps licensing. The application also takes advantage of free and discounted licences offered as part of Microsoft’s Technology for Social Impact initiative to make technology accessible.

By deploying Charity Hub, organisations can:

  • Centralise the management of donations and memberships
  • Improve data governance
  • Effectively track Gift Aid declarations and process claims
  • Use complete supporter data to personalise communication and grow relationships
  • Automate membership renewal processes
  • Access real-time income forecasts and make decisions with clear supporter insights

Preact considers Charity Hub a better fit than many other CRM solutions because it is quicker to deploy and is easier for users to get started.

The company is well established in the third sector as a CRM provider, implementing and supporting applications built on the Microsoft cloud platform, including Dynamics 365. ramsac has partnered with Preact for several years, and we are delighted to share many mutual clients.

Visit Preact’s website to see a demonstration of Charity Hub and learn more about its application.

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