ramsac sponsors TEDxWoking 2021

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We were proud to once again be sponsors for TEDxWoking in May 2021 (the third year that we have done so). The theme this year was resilience which was apt following the year we have all just experienced. It was an amazing day including 8 local speakers who took to the stage at McLaren’s F1 headquarters in Woking to share their wisdom.

Rob May, Managing Director here at ramsac, introduced the speakers on stage, several of whom he had personally mentored through the speaker selection process, having successfully delivered his own TEDxWoking talk back in 2017 Your Human Firewall – The Answer to the Cyber Security Problem.

Commenting on the day, Rob said “TEDx is about giving inspirational thinkers a platform to share their ‘idea worth spreading’ with an international audience. TEDxWoking continues to get better and better each year and is now one of the very best in the UK, I personally spoke at TEDxWoking in 2017 and the experience was fantastic, not only that, but the opportunities it gave me thereafter lead to ramsac wanting to sponsor the event and help both the organisers and the participants”

There is always a delay in the videos being authorised and released following the live event, but all of the talks are now available to watch on the TEDx YouTube channel.

Be sure to watch them all and let us know what you think, you can’t help but be inspired!

Click the titles below to watch each talk.

How 3D print technology builds resilience in reconstructive surgery by Ruchi Pathak Kaul

Ditch your fishnets, boost your resilience by Mel Loizou

How I lost my job and found my Fire by Jane Stacey

Say NO to NO by Susan Walsh

You can do it by Kimberley Leung

How to turn imposter syndrome into your superpower by Louise Curtis

A new way to make love by Will Hemmings

Have you found your ROAR!? by Marilise de Villiers Basson

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