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Microsoft Teams call user having scheduled a meeting in Teams

How to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365

Using Teams to schedule meetings offers a range of options to help make your meetups as efficient as possible. Discover how to schedule meetings on Microsoft Teams today. [...]

Teams Loop Components (1)

An introduction to Teams Loop Components

Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s innovative Fluid Framework makes collaboration in Teams even easier, thanks to the Loop Components. Read our how-to blog to get to grips! [...]

ramsac blog slack vs teams

Microsoft Teams vs Slack – what’s the difference?

Microsoft 365

We take a closer look at the features of each, including the advantages and disadvantages of these popular business applications. [...]

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An Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was first released back in 2017, and since then has become a staple application in offices all over the world. Microsoft describes the platform as a “chat-based [...]

teams meeting ramssac blog

How to use Microsoft Teams effectively

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams has a number of functionalities that are beneficial to businesses, from ease of collaboration to the ability to back-up and protect documents and communications. But how can [...]

Teams – Microsoft 365

Teams act as a collaborative workspace that combines features of SharePoint, OneDrive, and many other cloud applications, into one central location, and brings groups of users together into dedicated [...]

Video Resource

Microsoft 365 top tip video – Using Insights in Teams

In the latest of our Microsoft 365 top tips video series, Dan May demonstrates how to use Insights in Teams to build better work habits, such as following through [...]

Video Resource

Video: How to use Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams meetings

Microsoft Whiteboard is a free-form, digital canvas where people, content, and ideas come together. Watch this short video showing all the functionality included with Whiteboard, to take your meeting [...]

ramsac Meeting transcription in teams blog play

How to: Live Meeting Transcription in Microsoft 365 Teams

Microsoft 365

We have created a short video to demo Microsoft 365 Teams' new feature, Transcription, using this feature, Teams can record who said what, when and produce an on the [...]