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COVID-19 Update: Despite Covid-19 it is very much business as usual at ramsac. Our team are working remotely to continue to deliver the industry leading IT support and project work you expect from us. Please get in touch to find out how we can support your business or check out our Covid-19 resources.

Cybersecurity solutions

As one of the most trusted providers of cybersecurity solutions and support across London and the South East, we offer you protection and peace of mind. It has never been more important to ensure your IT is secure. Systems are under attack on a daily basis, from a huge variety of threats, with cybercrime now worth billions of pounds worldwide.

Cybersecurity for Surrey businesses, nonprofits & schools

Managing the ongoing cybersecurity of your IT infrastructure should be a primary concern – whatever the shape or size of your organisation.

Cybersecurity breaches are the number one threat in today’s business landscape. Incidents come in many forms: cyber attacks; laptops left on trains; malicious staff; or, even more simply, accidental data loss caused by human error.

Keeping information systems secure requires a multi-layered approach. ramsac will ensure you have all the right security hardware and software in place and that systems are maintained, updated and properly configured – managed by experts who understand potential vulnerabilities.

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Our cybersecurity solutions

ramsac have a wide range of services to help organisations to improve their cybersecurity, these can be used as standalone solutions or in combination with each other for the ultimate protection against cybercrime.



We offer interactive and comprehensive training to all levels of your business. This includes board level briefings, end user training workshops and online learning portals.


Cyber Security Audits

In order to give you the protection you need, we provide a full audit and inspection of your current IT to assess threats and opportunities.


Advice & Support

Working in partnership with you, we offer ongoing advice and help come what may. No matter how your business changes, we're here for you.


Cyber Essentials

As a fully certified Cyber Essentials consultancy, we help your business maintain the highest possible IT security standards.

Building a strong human firewall

According to the PwC survey, 75% of large organisations and 31% of small businesses suffered staff-related security breaches in the last year.  It’s important to remember that cybersecurity is not simply about your IT hardware and software.

The biggest vulnerability for most organisations is the risk of accidental breaches caused by a lack of staff awareness. Ensuring you have the right training and procedures in place for your team is every bit as important as deploying the right technology.

We will help you carry out a thorough cybersecurity risk assessment and then plan and implement a proportionate response to the results. We also educate end-users and implement internal policies for the safest use of technology and the protection of your data.

For total peace of mind, we continue to monitor cybersecurity performance, carry out regular audits and penetration tests and ensure that policies and procedures continually evolve to ensure they are keeping pace with industry developments.

Why choose us?


We pride ourselves on maintaining our government-approved certification to ensure that we continue to deliver an outstanding cybersecurity service.



We provide consistently excellent service and communication. We always deliver on our promises.



To make you feel more confident, we explain everything about your cybersecurity in friendly, easy-to-understand language.

Get your Cyber Essentials certification from ramsac

Our Cyber Essentials Consultants can help you to achieve the Government backed ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ certification, which is a nationally recognised badge that demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to good Cyber standards.

The Cyber Essentials scheme provides businesses with clarity on good, basic cybersecurity practice. By focusing on basic cyber hygiene, your company will be better protected from the most common cyber threats. Cyber Essentials is for all organisations, of all sizes, and in all sectors.

Elaine Graham-Leigh Finance and IT Administrator at The Nuffield Foundation

"It was really clear about 2 minutes into our first meeting with ramsac, we knew they were the right supplier for us. It wasn’t even a question."

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Trudi Kent Executive Support Manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity

"The main benefit of using ramsac is having people who are normal, human, friendly, and knowledgeable giving us great IT support."

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Nick Lunn IT Manager at Land & Water Group

"ramsac provide a friendly, professional, price-competitive IT service which has helped to keep Land and Water's IT systems running smoothly for years."

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How can we help you?

We’d love to talk to you about your cybersecurity needs, and we’d be happy to offer a no obligation assessment of your current IT security. Whether you are at a point of organisational change, unsure about security, or just want to sanity check your current IT arrangements, we’re here to help.

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