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How to spot a phishing email

Can you identify a phishing email from the real thing?

A phishing email is a fraudulent email that attempts to scam you by looking like an email from a legitimate business or person. A phishing email tries to get you to let your guard down and give access or information to cyber criminals. They are often designed and written in a way that looks like an official email that requires urgent attention. Good phishing emails look like the real thing. So how do you spot one?

How to Spot a Phishing Email

  1. Check the address and subject line
  2. Be suspicious of untidy design
  3. Look out for spelling mistakes
  4. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
  5. Consider context. Were you expecting this email?
  6. Compare if you can

Spotting a phishing email is an important skill to master, because phishing accounts for 90% of data breaches. Once hit, 15% of people successfully phished will be targeted at least once more this year.

An example of an Apple phishing email

A few years ago, I received an invoice from Apple for something I hadn’t purchased. My immediate reaction was panic. I thought someone had hacked into my Apple account, and now they were happily spending my money. But, as I hovered over the cancel subscription link on the email, something made me pause and take a second look.

On the face of it, it looked like an email from Apple, but as soon as I looked a little deeper I noticed more and more things that didn’t add up. My cybersecurity awareness training kicked in and I realised it was a phishing email.

This is the phishing email that was sent to me. Check out the differences between a legitimate email from Apple Inc. and a phishing email from a hacker masquerading as Apple Inc.

*Please note that I have blurred out my personal details in all images

On the left is the real invoice from Apple and on the right is the phishing email. On the surface they look very similar but I found nine differences.


1. The address and subject line

The address the email came from was suspicious and the subjects were different.

2. Email design and styling

On the legitimate Apple email all the hyperlinks are in light blue with no underline. In the phishing email they are a darker blue and all underlined.

3. My details

On the real Apple email they list my email address and home address. The phishing email only has my email address – as I assume the hackers don’t know my home address.

4 & 5. Changes from the usual email layout

On the real Apple email there is a hyperlink to use if you have questions about your bill. This sentence is missing completely from the phishing email.

The password preferences hyperlink; on the real email the hyperlink is part of the sentence, in the phishing email it is below the text.

6. Spelling errors

This is lazy even for a hacker; spelling errors are an obvious red flag. Normal emails are proofread and carefully edited. Phishing emails are not.

7 & 8. Limiting contact options

Firstly, the wording around cancelling your purchase on the real email is very different from the phishing email. Apple offers you three links to click to contact them. The phishing email gives you one. In simple terms, this increases the likelihood that you will click it.

Secondly, the hyperlink for ‘Manage/Cancel Subscription’ on the phishing email is different from all the other hyperlinks.

I didn’t click on the link for obvious reasons but I assume it would take you to a page that either encourages you to enter personal details (possibly including payment information) or it could be a malicious link that releases a virus onto your machine.

See below for what the link looked like when I hovered over it.

9. The Apple logo

The last obvious difference I could see was the second Apple logo which was different on the two emails. Left is real, right is phishing.

Knowing how to spot phishing scams

At first glance this email was very convincing, it really takes a trained eye to spot the difference – these are far more sophisticated than emails from Nigerian Princes seeking to move £10m out of the country!

Once I delved a little deeper there were actually quite a few signs the email was not legitimate. Other phishing emails may only have one or two clues, so it is vital you are always vigilant when looking at your emails and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t click on it.

In 2020, phishing is becoming an increasing threat because of cyber criminal’s access to machine learning systems. This sophisticated technology means that phishing emails have become an automated process, meaning they are increasingly accurate and therefore believable. It’s thought that 2020 will see more phishing emails masquerading as:

  • PayPal. There have been reports of PayPal users receiving email pertaining to ‘unfamiliar log-ins’ that request the user clicks a link to confirm their identity.
  • Employers. Some cyber attackers have sent emails to employees that look like they are from their company’s HR team, asking them to click a link to solve a problem with their salary payment.
  • Banks. The Hong Kong Monetary Authority have recently sent out an email warning HSBC account holders of a phishing email containing a link to an ‘e-Advice’ note detailing a recent payment.

Knowing how to spot a phishing email is no simple task. What ultimately stopped me from clicking on the link in my Apple email was my recent information security training. This helped me understand what to question and look for in a seemingly legitimate email.

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A workforce aware of cybersecurity becomes a human firewall that adds another layer of protection to your IT infrastructure. If you would like to know more about infosec and how to formulate your own cybersecurity strategy, contact us to find out more.


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Changing IT support providers, like changing lawyers, is not a decision any business takes lightly or frequently. The decision is fraught with numerous questions such as whether the new team will understand my business needs, will it cause teething problems, and more importantly, will the reality match the sales pitch! We took that decision to move to Ramsac in January after ten years with another provider and we have not regretted that choice for a moment. Ramsac are simply great! From the get go we have been very well supported from the front line very helpful telephone support team right up to our relationship manager. We feel that the Ramsac team are very much an integral part of us . What however has driven us to write this review is the fabulous support we have received following a cyber attack this week. Something no business wants to happen but is increasingly a sad factor of modern cyber life. The Ramsac cyber support team were superb and really gave us first class support and guidance through what was frankly a horrible experience. Thank you Dan! Denise Herrington
The HR Services Partnership
The HR Services Partnership
17:59 16 Jan 20
We have worked with Ramsac since 2015. They offer a truly winning formula. We have been delighted by their support at all three levels: our network consultant (Colin) understands our set up and is great when we need to upgrade our infrastructure; we have ready access to our account manager who has been great with supporting our growth; and the helpdesk is always so patient for the day-to-day glitches. Very professional and supportive – thank you team ramsac!
Zoe Brooks
Zoe Brooks
13:02 16 Jan 20
Sam on the support desk is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Every time I have rung with an issue and she has helped the problem has always been rectified smoothly and quickly!
Sarah-Jane Calloway
Sarah-Jane Calloway
16:02 06 Jan 20
Ed spent two days with us following an office reshuffle. He worked to a very high standard and was very helpful, courteous and happy to sort out anything we asked of him!
Luke Hoey
Luke Hoey
14:20 07 Nov 19
Always very helpful and will work hard to resolve any issues you have.
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Richard Renson
16:54 10 Dec 18
Great, helpful IT Kings and Queens
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Andrew Worth
12:37 30 Aug 18
fine bunch
Colin Warner
Colin Warner
08:46 06 Dec 17
Excellent managed service provider.
Selom B
Selom B
11:58 10 Dec 16
First Class!! Responsive, knowledgeable, professional and very easy to work with - Ramsac have been a fantastic strategic IT partner for the last few years and I'm sure will continue to be for many years going forward. I would highly recommend them!
Ian Windle - Inspiring Leadership
Ian Windle - Inspiring Leadership
08:53 04 Jul 16
Great IT business, with a powerful management team. Could not recommend them more highly.
Patrick O'Luanaigh
Patrick O'Luanaigh
10:55 01 Jul 16
A truly fantastic IT support company - I can't speak highly enough about them.
Sarah Whitemore
Sarah Whitemore
11:59 20 Jun 16
I have known Dan May and Ramsac for 5 or 6 years now. Dan is such a great guy and really helpful with strategic advice and input on all things IT. He's so approachable and doesn't baffle you with IT jargon. If you are looking to outsource your IT or you have a problem you need help with Dan is definitely the one to ask.
Jonathan Richards
Jonathan Richards
12:14 31 May 16
I've worked with Ramsac for many years and whole heartedly recommend their services. They are always professional, approachable and have the rare skill of making IT understandable. Their can do attitude leaves you feeling that you are in safe hands.
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