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COVID-19 Update: Despite Covid-19 it is very much business as usual at ramsac. Our team are working remotely to continue to deliver the industry leading IT support and project work you expect from us. Please get in touch to find out how we can support your business or check out our Covid-19 resources.

Covid-19 Resources

As an experienced IT support provider, we understand the logistical and technological challenges faced by businesses both in ordinary circumstances, and during difficult times such as those caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

In light of the difficulties that many businesses are now facing, we have summarised key information regarding some of the prime areas of concern for companies that have had to make their first foray into mass remote working.

There are a number of considerations to make to enable your company to maintain a level of normality during this time. In addition to ensuring your staff have all the equipment they need to carry out their work, it’s important to put new actions into place to achieve internet security, make an effort to provide continuity of communication, and keep your customers well-informed about your service.

Return to work - reopening your office

The government have released a 50 page briefing on creating a safe environment in which to re open offices. Offices will need to operate in a very different way. We explore how to prepare for the ‘new normal’ office.

Social Distancing in offices – IT considerations for safely reopening

A practical look at the IT considerations that need to be thought about over the coming weeks when planning the reopening of your office.

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The socially distanced office - Video

A short video looking at the changes organisations may need to implement to support social distancing when reopening their offices, following the coronavirus pandemic.

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How to make hot desking safe

Hot desking has been a positive solution for many offices to help to maximise workspaces and promote agile working but with concerns around Coronavirus and hygiene can organisations still use it. In this blog we look at how to make hot desking efficient and safe.

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Employee equipment

To ensure your employees are able to perform all their tasks to the best of their ability at home, read the following tips and advice.

Making your home office a productive, healthy place to work

During the current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic record numbers of people are now working from home, many of whom are not used to working in this way. For people unfamiliar with homeworking making sure you are comfortable in your working environment is key to enable you to work to the best of your ability...

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How to improve your home internet speeds

With the majority of the nation working from home and competing for bandwidth with their partners and kids who are also working from the same kitchen table, now more than ever, the need for good broadband connection seems to be a bone of contention in houses throughout the country...

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Technology advice for remote working

ramsac’s Technical director summarises the advice we are giving our customers on how to ensure their employees are working securely and effectively at home.

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Good communication

Staying in touch with your staff is imperative in order to sustain a team-based atmosphere, and to remind your employees that they are not alone in this new way of working.

Remote meeting solutions - Brochure

We’ve looked at various scenarios where a user will need the right tool for the job, from home workers to office teams, and considered the costs associated with making sure everyone is set up for efficient and stress free communication and collaboration.

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Video: How to use Microsoft Teams – Chats and video calling

In light of the sudden increase in remote working, we recognise that many people are looking to make use of Microsoft Teams in new ways.

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Microsoft Teams VS Zoom: video conferencing comparison

Both Teams and Zoom are designed to improve communication and can be used for video and audio conferencing both internally and with people outside your organisation.  In this blog, we have looked at some of the pros and cons of each application

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Internet security while remote working

If staff are accessing your servers remotely, this could potentially put your data at increased risk of security breaches. See our guides for further information.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus): Cybersecurity considerations for remote working

As a Cybersecurity speaker, I’m currently having a lot of different types of conversation about Covid-19. One question that is coming up regularly is “What things (both from a cybersecurity and a technology perspective) should we consider with staff working from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak?” and that’s the purpose of this blog. - Rob May

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Video: Cybersecurity considerations for working remotely

In this video cybersecurity expert Rob May explores the issues organisations face with remote working, focusing on cybersecurity concerns and how organisations can protect themselves. This was filmed as part of a webinar session at the end of March 2020...

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How to stay protected against COVID-19 scams

Cybercriminals are unscrupulous people who will capitalise on anything to extort money from individuals and organisations. The current Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is no exception. Since the early days of the virus, we’ve seen hackers exploiting people’s fears by sending phishing emails and messages related to the Coronavirus. 

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Maintaining a high standard of service

A vital part of continuing to offer your customers a high standard of service is excellent communication. This is particularly true if there are any changes or delays to your offering. Your customers will likely understand that this is a difficult time, and will appreciate such news as long as it is communicated. Find out more about business continuity planning during the coronavirus outbreak.

Are you planning for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in your business?

With cases of Coronavirus increasing by the day, this is the week to take action to review your business continuity plan and to test your organisation’s ability to work from home...

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