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Author: Kayleigh Wilkinson

Evolution of our Technical Support Team


Since 2019 our Technical Support Team has grown and changed dramatically. In this blog we review how the team has evolved and developed. [...]

MFA Fatigue: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is best practice, but it’s not risk free.


MFA Fatigue is a problem organisations need to be aware of, in this blog we break down why and what organisations can do to combat it. [...]

Cybersecurity – The importance of Testing & Training


Many organisations offer cybersecurity training to their staff, but training and testing as a combined strategy provides a much stronger defence against cybercrime. [...]

What are you sharing on Social Media?


We all post a lot on social media these days. But do we really stop to consider the cyber safety of what we are posting?  [...]

Celebrating receiving our Carbon Neutral certificate for another year


ramsac is highly invested in being more carbon friendly, and we are thrilled to be Carbon Neutral for a 3rd year in a row. [...]

Why the cybersecurity industry needs more women


Cybersecurity is a vital and growing field that needs more women to join its ranks. In this blog, we explain why the cybersecurity industry needs more women and how [...]

Ramsac network monitoring cybersecurity

How much should businesses invest in cyber resilience? 


In this blog we explore how much organisations should invest in cyber resilience to protect against cybercrime [...]

ramsac raises £2k for Challengers in a month of play!


This July was the ramsac month of play where we set ourselves the challenge to raise £2k for Challengers [...]

The benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft 365

This blog explains what Microsoft Teams Premium is and outlines the benefits an organisation will gain from upgrading to it. [...]